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I decided to share our first baby boy’s nursery for our first post. I actually have two baby boys now…but this is Liam’s room.

I designed this nursery to be sort of temporary….my daughter had been living with me and she planned to move out with the baby when L was around a year old.  That did not work out and L and I have actually moved to a new, child friendly house, when he was a few months old and we figured out that it was just going to be the two of us.  I pretty much replicated the room here at this house but baby’s first room is always so special, isn’t it?  This room used to be my craft room….ahhh the good old days when we had room for a craft room….sigh.

The crib and mattress and bedding all came from Walmart (tight budget, folks). I hand painted some plain letters from Michael’s to match the bedding. That’s probably going to be a theme on this blog 😉



I added a glider and book shelf on the other side of the room and completed the corner with some fabric wrapped canvases in coordinating fabric that I found at Joanne’s Fabrics. The paint color is Caribbean Blue from Benjamin Moore.


The monkey decals came from Babies R’ Us and the dresser was a find from the clearance section of a local furniture store.

I bought the monkey wall decals from Toys R’ Us.  Soooo cute. The decals did not survive the move and I actually bought them a second time for his room at our new place. That boy likes consistency.



The lamp and table were re-purposed from another room in the house. I trimmed it with some brown and green ribbon from my unending craft supplies.  (That poor dog had no idea what was about to happen….lol)


I had intended to order Liam’s name to hang on the wall however, I had some serious sticker shock so I set an afternoon aside to make my own. It was actually fun and something I’ll probably never have time for again, now that there are two little fellows here.



The tree decal came from Etsy and I actually left it behind when we moved since taking it down would destroy it. The other family had a little boy who loved it which was perfect.



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll follow along as I try to accommodate our new lifestyle and make our home work for two little ones.

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