Easy Thrift Store Tray Up-Cycle


Who loves thrift stores? Yay! Me, too!

Last week I found a couple of trays that I grabbed for the house. One of them was this black photo tray.



 I toyed with the idea of putting pictures in where the flowers had been but that’s not really my style so I pulled it all apart while the babies napped and thought I would start scraping the lettering off.  You didn’t notice the script? Allow me….
I sprayed the glass with Windex to wipe it down (because sometimes things from Thrift Stores aren’t always that clean) and…..wait for it…..the letters  just rubbed away as I was wiping! Nice.

So with that accomplished I went through my former craft room and found some scrapbook paper that I bought just because I loved the pattern.  (My scrapbooking phase was VERY short lived.  In fact, I’m still working on my daughter’s baby book…..she’s 22.)

A quick swap of the floral postcard background for something that works in our house.



I’m just tickled….now I have a tray to corral all of the remotes and gadgets for the electronics.



I was expecting a few hours of chiselling away letters and it took less than 5 minutes to update this thrift store beauty.



5 minutes and under $5! Doesn’t get much easier than that…. 🙂

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