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I always laugh at the professionals I work with who tell me how organized I am.  Both social workers and the occupational therapist involved with the boys were here last week and all commented that things run well because I’m so organized.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha!  They clearly have never watched me search for my keys (daily) and I haven’t shared that I’ve lost our passports somewhere in this house.  ( I put them somewhere “safe” just before Baby L’s first birthday party started….never to be seen again!) 

Having said that….I love “organizey” things.  I love labels and baskets and shelves and printables and containers….Ok, you get the idea. I’m convinced that I’ll finally find the secret to not losing things.  Or stop cramming papers in places with an idea that I’ll remember where they are.  And because I’m super excited about this blog the same sort thing is starting to happen.  I’ll be driving along (or sleeping) when an idea for a post pops up.  Sometimes I scribble it down on a piece of paper but mostly I have random thoughts floating around in my head.  Also, I can’t find the piece of paper when I need it.

This morning I started a google search for blog organization tips and found the most marvelous free downloads to print out!  Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative is my kind of brilliant!  What a great site!  The whole blog is full of tips and ideas and I’ve added the blog to my read list.  But the best thing I found are the downloadable blog organizers.  Yay!

The weekly organizer
Monthly organizer

I’ve downloaded and printed a bunch of copies and set out to decoupage a binder to hold the organizers.  I’m too thrifty cheap to actually spend money making a spiral notebook but I love the way the their book turned out.

The binder was just a leftover binder from long ago training that was laying around (unread and unused).  Decoupaged some craft paper and here it is

Not quite dry yet….getting impatient to use it!

What a great system!  Thanks, Beckie!

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