Quick Kitchen Window Makeover

I’ve been in this house for almost a year and never got around to putting together a window treatment for the kitchen.  Part of the issue was that I like the light that comes in and I like to look out when I’m puttering in the sink.  The other issue was my budget.  I didn’t have one.  The move was expensive and the entire house needed painting.  Ok. It didn’t “need” it.  It was gold.  Nothing wrong with gold but I like cool colors.  The paint and grunt work alone wore out my budget and my back.  So the little kitchen window sat empty and open.

I was shopping at Walmart (I feel like I say that a lot.  But it’s a small town…we don’t have a lot of choices).  when I saw these cute dish towels with a pattern that I liked.  And then the bulb went off.  The towels went into the cart along with some curtain clips.  I already had the curtain rod sitting in the basement storage area.  Less than five minutes later I had a window treatment.

The “vases” are just old baby food jars that got a coat of spray paint on the inside.  I topped them off with some dollar store flowers. 

Easy. Fast. Frugal.  Just what I was looking for.

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  1. That simple addition to the window made it look so cute! And I really admire how your kitchen was designed. It doesn’t seem so spacious but it doesn’t look too rigid either. I love the simple design of the wooden cabinets and the countertop. Everything looks so fine!

  2. Thanks so much! It is a very open kitchen and I've always debated adding an island but the open floor space is great for the little ones. Especially for my toddler who can "drive around" on his ride on toys and has lots of space to play while I'm cooking.

  3. Who said that you need to spend a lot on a makeovers? Don't they know that cheap is in? I mean, items for less attracts consumers. By adding a few jars with flowers (that you just made from old baby food jars), you made a window treatment that's simple, and yet modern.

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