Choosing Bubba’s Crib Bedding…Also known as “Bang Head Here”

It’s been a VERY rough week here on Cottonwood Lane.  Crying babies, broken washing machine, spilled paint, lost passports, and waaaayyy too many projects on the go at once.  I’m also babysitting my daughter’s idiot lovely dog, Mr. Mouse.  Who is neither a Mister, nor a mouse.  In fact, she is very happy when you tell her what a good kitty she is.  She also pees on the floor and rolls over on her back when you try to take her outside to the yard.   You can tell she’s smart, no?  No.

But enough ranting.  My number one goal this week was to get some bedding for the nursery so I can start pulling Bubs’ room together.  (Actually there were several goals but let’s not focus too heavily on this epic fail of a week.)  There’s a sudden urgency to “The Bubba Project” as I noticed that, unlike his “big” brother who never gains weight and is still in a rear facing car seat at 15 months, Bubba will be outgrowing his bassinet in about 5 minutes.  This boy is definitely not “failure to thrive”. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Apparently not when you live in Canada. Or when you weren’t actually expecting a second baby and didn’t plan ahead.  Makes me wonder what those moms in “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” brought their baby’s home to.  I, at least, had a few days notice.

I decided on turquoise and orange with a beachy theme as the starting point.  And got exactly nowhere.  I’ve been roaming the stores in town for awhile and haven’t found anything remotely interesting.  So I started searching online and came up with beautiful handmade bedding sets from Etsy.  Oh my goodness….I was drooling over the colors in this fabric collection from Soren from Angelique on Etsy

After speaking to several different retailers, the consensus was that a crib set would take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to make not including shipping time to Canada.  Eek!  The kid isn’t getting any smaller and I’m not particularly known for my patience.  I hit up a few fabric stores in town thinking I’ll buy a machine and start sewing again (which I hate, hate, hate, by the way) but we have NOTHING! I couldn’t even find a basic Chevron….ugh! 

I did find some turquoise sheets on sale that I bought with an eye to fabric painting.  I spray painted the rod that was already in the room and hung them with some clips that I had.  The blanket is a donation from my friend, Pam.  She was blessed with twins who are six months older than L.  I love the colors and pattern. (I’m also testing paint splotches and I haven’t moved my wall boxes to my new bedroom…please ignore.)

Next I head on over to Ebay where I found absolutely nothing like those delicious fabrics I saw on Etsy.  I did however, fall in like with this adorable set from JoJo Designs!

This isn’t what I was originally picturing so after much debating and wringing I finally decided to go ahead and order it because it’s cute and I like the colors.  New information…..the set is out of stock and will ship out the week of November 19.  Aaarggghhh!!!!   Ok….the boy is already 3 months!  Retailer has no idea how long it would take to get to Canada after shipping!  Guess what else???? Canada Customs imposes duties and taxes to the tune of around $100.  I had no idea!  

Two more days go by while I try to decide if I the “Little Tree Bedding” by MiGi set I found at Walmart (in Michigan….Canada doesn’t carry the line!) is “close enough” to my original vision.  In retrospect, it wasn’t.  I only moderately like this bedding but I’m feeling desperate and decide that the price is too appealing to resist.  The order suggests it will be in the store next week.  So I start thinking about making the trip across the border and I’m just about ready to order.  But. Wait for it……. I’ve lost my passport.  Insert head banging sound here. 

Finally after much weeping and crying (the boys, too….it was a very rough weekend) I put the fellows to bed and decide I’m ordering something online.  Today.  That is already in Canada.  And in stock.  I up my budget in desperation and start search engining away.  20 minutes later I have a set!  It is actually the one of the original favorites that I decided was way too expensive.  Amazing what panic will do to a budget.  That and learning about extra duties and taxes!  (How did I not know that???…..Oh. Probably because I’ve never NOT had a passport!!!) 

So here it is….the final selection.  Dwell Studios “Transportation” crib bedding set. Huge fan of this company and love their designs.

Ordered on line from Modern Karibou.  A Canadian site that promises free shipping within 2-3 days.  Yay!  Still cost $360.  Ouch.  I have never paid that much for anything.  Ever.  I did some comparison shopping and this was actually a good price.  And the boy is definitely not getting any younger.  Or smaller. So it was time for speed and decisiveness.  Super excited to see the bedding up close and to start to really work on Bubs’ room. 

UPDATE:  The bedding arrived this afternoon and looks perfect!  Way to go Modern Karibou for their speeding (and free) shipping! 

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