A Little “Art” Project

I love you more print, mounted and framed on an old thrift store canvas. Easy and free DIY art for the nursery.

I was thrift store shopping awhile ago when I came across a bunch of these Anne Geddes prints on wood with a pre-drilled back. (I hate trying to hang pictures!)  They were in a bin for 99 cents each so I grabbed all of them thinking I’ll find a use for them sooner or later.  It was definitely sooner.

Remember these?

I’m not tremendously artistic and sometimes I have a total “creativity block” which is when I love to browse link parties and see what other folks are up to.  That’s when I came across Andrea’s blog J & A and Co.  Andrea made some great printables for her daughters’ bathrooms and very kindly posted the printables for free!  Thanks Andrea!  I particularly loved the “I love you more” printable that she did in blue which she posted at Media Fire.

I knew immediately that this would be perfect for Bubba’s room.  Really perfect because Bubba really, really, really loves me.  (It’s mutual!)  More than any of my other babies….he loves to be held and cuddled and if someone else holds him, he’s content but he looks for me and follows me with his eyes.  A friend recently referred to Bubba as “Stalking Mamaw with his eyes”…lol.  Now you know why I had to have this little printable.

I downloaded and printed it to heavy cardstock and used decoupage to glue it to the board.  It took me days to find but only a few minutes to make.


The background of the picture is actually Bub’s crib sheet


Print hanging in the nursery

How perfect and easy is that? Thanks again, Andrea for the super cute and free printable!


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  1. Hey there! I'm loving your blog! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can read more about it here: http:/www.givethatgirlacola.com. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Gabby,
    I don't how to fiddle with sizes so I just printed it straight from the download on to 8 x 11 cardstock to make it a little sturdier. Let me know if you make it and how it turned out.

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