Front Porch Christmas Urn

This time last year, Charming and I were in the middle of a major move.  I know.  Who moves over Christmas?  I guess I like a challenge.  Christmas last year was pretty simple.  We finished the move literally a few days before Christmas and I had already gone through a major purge of all my Christmas things after the girls moved out.   I hadn’t even put up a tree for a few years but was doing little vignettes throughout the house.  And last Christmas, Charming was only five months so I didn’t feel the need to go nuts. (Unlike this year)

So when I came across this picture one day last year while browsing the net and dreaming of a less stressful Christmas, I saved it to my favorites because I knew I wanted to give something like this a try. 

The idea comes from Style Estate in a great article called “A Whole Bunch of Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas”.  I couldn’t find the original article or a tutorial but I thought “What the heck! I’m gonna figure this one out on my own!” 

So I grabbed three different sized boxes and some wrapping paper, some ribbon and a few doodads for the top of the boxes.   I used the same wrapping paper for all three boxes because I hadn’t yet dug out the other Christmas things and didn’t want to climb over the boxes in my cold cellar.

I didn’t remember to take pictures until after I wrapped the boxes.  Oops!

After the boxes were wrapped I spent a few head-scratching minutes wondering exactly what would hold this contraption together.  The answer is……tomato stakes!!!   I was thinking about wood dowels when I remembered the unused stakes from the garden.  Yay!  I poked a whole in the middle of the boxes with a pen, jammed the stake into the planter and secured the boxes on the stake. 

It’s at this point I should mention, I had not actually emptied the planter from the summer plantings.  It was still full of soil and a few stragglers.  I decided I would leave the little hanging plant since he was still green and kind of cute.  Had to give the little guy credit for hanging in on into the cold weather. 

I just added a little tinsel and some more ribbon and it looks utterly charming sitting on the porch.

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  1. OMYGOSH, girl…what a FANTASTIC idea…
    Not sure we could do it in West Texas due to winds (I just went out and picked up my front porch swing pillows) but it is adorable.
    Over from Watch Out Martha…

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