Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

Five more days until Christmas! Are you as excited as I am?  And as crazy busy?  In all the excitement I forgot to post pics of our Christmas tree.  I’m making up for that right now.

I bought a pre-lit Christmas tree last year at the last minute right after moving to our new house.  When I say last minute, I mean like the day before Christmas.  I wasn’t actually going to put one up but this pre-lit fellow had already been reduced and tossed in the clearance bin.  I don’t even remember buying it so it was like a big Christmas surprise when I noticed it at the back of the cold cellar this year.  I was pretty stressed last year but still….how do you forget a Christmas tree….particularly when I had this picture of Charming as my laptop wallpaper for the longest time?  Note the boxes in the foyer?  We had just moved a couple of days before Christmas…..Hmmmm. Think I answered my own question.

Charming at 5 months….his first Christmas.

Of course, once I saw the pic I remember throwing the tree together and letting the girls decorate it.  I didn’t even move the ornaments around after they were done like I normally do.  Yup.  Very stressed.

I hadn’t actually put a tree up for a few years as the girls had grown up.  Also, my delicate flower of the South, Daisy, always enjoyed taking ornaments off the tree and chewing them to bits.   When I wasn’t looking of course.

She also likes to open her stocking all by herself.

But this year?  Whole new ballgame.  The tree sits in front of our living room/family room window and looks so pretty lit up at night.  The lights are a soft white and I’ve used my favorite aqua and pink ornaments.  I only added a few ornaments this year since I was a bit worried about how Charming would handle the temptation of sparkly, glittery things.  But so far, so good. 

Here she sits in the living room window….I like to keep the lights on all day long.

Hmmm….seems Charming got to the tree after all….note the garland hanging from the bottom?

My favorite ornaments….

Blurry, but I had to post this guy….love him!

This ornament is so me!


This one, too!

I made this tree skirt a few years ago when I still had my sewing machine and we were an all girl house.  I still love how it looks although with all boys in the house I can see a more “gender neutral” theme coming in the next few years.


The Christmas tree also makes an excellent babysitter on occasion.  Looks like I’m not the only one who likes it!

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