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I started this blog to help keep my friends and family up to date on what was happening here at our home and to share some ideas and projects.  So today, a few days before Christmas, I thought I’d give a little tour of our holiday decorated home for all of you that can’t be with us in person.  So come on in, grab some cider (or wine!), put your feet up, and take a peek….

First up is our front porch and foyer.  I’ve hung a thrift store frame that I spray painted white and hung with ornaments in the front window.  It’s a groovy kind of Christmas wreath and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. 

You can find the details of how to make the wreath here.

Right by the front door is my DIY Christmas Urn that I posted about here.

I found this little wreath at the local thrift store for $2.00.  It was gold and I spray painted it white and added a ribbon to match the wreath.

Come on into our foyer!  I hung some garland (clearance from Michael’s!) with some ornaments from the top of the window.

On one wall I’ve hung the multi-medium canvas I made a few years ago and posted about here.

I recently re-painted the cabinet that sits in my foyer (more about that later) and I’ve put together a pink and aqua vignette on the top with things that I had from years past. 

The tree was from Hobby Lobby’s clearance bin and I made the sparkly trees from leftover fabric and Styrofoam cones.  Sooooooo easy.  I added a few ornaments and the little bird that normally sits on my mantel to a thrift store cake platter that I picked up from the thrift store for $1.  I know! ONE DOLLAR!!! Love those 50 % off days!

The living room/family room is right off the foyer and that’s where we’ve put the Christmas tree.  I’ve posted about the tree here.  It, too, is mostly pink and aqua….totally my favorite Christmas colors of all time….so retro and cute.  I made the tree skirt a few years ago.

Can you spot little Bubs hanging out by the tree?

Since the house is open concept I wanted to add a few touches to the kitchen so I hung a few old ornaments in the kitchen window.

A homemade wreath hangs on the back door.

And I added some garland and ribbon over the bay window in the eat in kitchen area. 

And then I thought I was done. We don’t really use the downstairs area very often right now but I had just finished clearing all the junk from the future play area and the space was looking pretty sweet.  Plus I have a fireplace and mantel and it felt sacriligious not to decorate it for Christmas.  Also, I had some “extra” garland and ornaments just hanging around, crying to be used. 

Here’s the mantel in the “rec” room….(Are we still calling basement rooms “rec” rooms?) 

Just some garland from Michael’s, a few ornaments and some sparkly reindeer, and some LED flameless candles….soooooo pretty.  Oh, and the cute little sign was made with a piece of laminate flooring, some leftover paint and ribbon.

Even the craft room got a little white Christmas tree that I’ve had for a few years.  The aqua and pink ornaments match my room perfectly. 

Stay tuned for more info on the craft room.  It’s almost finished!  And as soon as I clean it up from the Christmas frenzy, I’m planning to do a big reveal.   Although the way it looks today, it could be months before there is some sort of order…..

Sneak peak of the craft room…..currently a disaster area!  Can’t believe I’m even showing this.

And I’ve saved the best part of the Christmas tour for the very end…..

Hard to get a good pic when they never stop moving!

This is what Christmas is truly all about for me this year.  I love the decorating, the crafting, the cooking and baking and all around craziness of Christmas.  I love having all the crazy family together right down to the three uncontrollable dogs that show up every year.  But it’s these little boys who have brought such joy and Christmas spirit to my house and life.  They were completly not part of my life plan as I was beginning to think about moving back down south, planning for retirement and more travel plans when Charming arrived.  And then Bubba 12 months later (with a week’s notice!!!)
But there’s no doubt that this is what Christmas Spirit is all about….the joy on their little faces, the love in their hearts, and the great big kind of fun two such tiny little fellows can bring to a home and a life.  My Christmas blessing!

UPDATE  Dec 31, 2012

I’m super honored to have this article featured on Watch Out Martha!  Thanks so much, Amanda!

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  1. Your house looks gorgeous this year! I love the colours and especially the decoration you made for the front window with the frame… it's awesome! The boys are way too cute! Have a Happy Christmas!

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