The Bachelor Pad (a Christmas Tour)

Are y’all “holidayed” out yet?  Sick of looking at Christmas decorations and ultra gorgeous houses?  I really hope not because I just have to share a few pictures of a beautiful home I visited over the holidays.

I was invited to a little impromptu  gathering at Jim’s house by a mutual friend, and almost didn’t go because I was so busy doing Christmas baking, prep work, wrapping, and last minute gifts.  The babies had gone to spend the weekend in another foster home (Yay, respite!) and I was in full blown Christmas mode.  And then I remembered that the Christmas season is about people.  Not stuff.  So I gathered up some homemade nuts for the host and off I went.

The get together was in a new subdivision on the outskirts of the city. So new my GPS couldn’t find the place and I got lost.  But wow, wow, wow!  Totally worth finding!


The party was fantastic and I had a great time.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a looooong time and I’m so glad I put down the oven mitts and left the house.  Lesson learned.  Jim (the single, straight, guy who owns the house) was kind enough to let me come back after Christmas and grab some pictures and give me some history and thoughts on his home.  I didn’t even have to bribe him with any more nuts.  Ok.  Maybe a little jar.  And some pumpkin butter.
Jim has lived here for four and a half years and put the house together bits and pieces at a time.  He has an incredible eye for design and detail.   The house is a large ranch style with soaring ceilings and gleaming wood floors.  The main living area is all open concept and just flows beautifully.  And don’t even get me started on the kitchen.  I could go on for days and I’m going to try to limit my pictures to how Jim decorated the house for Christmas.  Not saying I’ll be completely successful, though.


As you come in the front door, there’s a foyer with two smaller bedrooms to the left and the foyer leads into the open concept living area.

There’s a small guest room to the left of the foyer and Jim’s placed a tree in the window and decorated it with gold and bronze ornaments.  The tree sits in the window looking out to the street.  So pretty. Jim used the bronze to tie in with the brass and gold in the room and it looks great.  Unfortunately, my camera didn’t completely capture the greatness.

Bachelor pad Christmas tour

This tree is covered with bronze and gold decorations. So pretty.

Bachelor pad Christams tour. Bronze xmas decorations

I loved this dresser in the guest room so much that I had to include a picture of it.  Plus, it gives a sneak peak of the hall leading to the main living area.

Bachelor pad Christmas tour. Retro dresser

As you enter the main living area you’re greeted by a huge real tree that stands well over ten feet high. Seriously. It’s enormous and absolutely perfect for the space. This guy really has a gift for figuring out space and what it needs.

Apologies for the occasional blur. I was working with my point and shoot.

xmas tree
Jim decorated the tree with red and white ornaments, ribbon, and sprinkled it with just enough gold and darker tones to catch the eye and keep you interested.


Bachelor Christmas Tour. Christmas tree in main living area

The main living area is a really big and grand space but Jim has done a fantastic job of making it warm and comfortable with his use of color and the way he’s arranged different areas.  I love this nail head ottoman and the floor pillow next to it.  And check out the cute little trees by the fireplace!
Christmas bachelor pad tour. The living area and fireplace

Another view of the living area.

Bachelor pad Christmas tour. Living area and fireplace

There’s a casual breakfast area behind the loveseat and next to the kitchen with a walk out to the deck.  The view from the back deck is pretty spectacular as well.
Bachelor pad Christmas tour. Breakfast nook

And this kitchen!  Oh. My. Goodness.  I have such serious kitchen envy right now.

Bachelor pad Christmas tour. In the kitchen

Jim didn’t miss a trick here either.  Check out this little cutie on the counter top.   And I’m loving that vintage napkin dispenser beside it, too.
Bachelor pad Christmas tour. Kitchen decorating

More festive kitchen decor.  I wanted to take this little fellow home.  Along with Foxy.

kitchen deer

A few more Christmas fellows hanging around the breakfast bar.  Complete with a glimpse of my pumpkin butter in the background.
kitchen counter
 The dining area, too, is all decked out for the holidays.   Don’t you just love the tree lit up from below?  Such a great idea.  Those hurricane lamps were out on the breakfast bar the night of the party.  I may have suggested using them for wine.  I don’t get out much.
dining room
dining cabinet

Even the office got in on the Christmas spirit.  Look closely to the left and you’ll see a framed puzzle of Jim’s dog, Foxy.  That dog is so darned sweet.  And photogenic.


Now at this point, I had almost forgotten that I was supposed to be looking at the Christmas decorating and was slobbering over vintage tables and distressed chairs….gah!

office 2

Excuse my while I slobber on this recovered vintage chair.

Another festive touch in the master bath.

master bath

 And how about this little vintage Christmas vignette in the rec room? Love it!
vintage Christmas collection

I’m seriously crushing on this house.  It’s just the perfect combination of open space and cozy warmth you can see why Jim spends the time and effort to dress the house for the holidays.  A big thanks to Jim for hosting the party and then letting me come over a second time to poke around!

Bachelor pad Christmas tour

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  1. Gorgeous home! Thank you for the tour. I'd like to kidnap that cutie pie, Foxy! I love the silhouette picture of her in the guest room. Thank you for sharing this with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Wow – what gorgeous taste Jim has – absolutely loved every photo – thanks so much for sharing!
    Your newest follower – would love to have you follow back when you have the time.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs from Montreal,

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