Break ups of 2013

Every year I make resolutions.  And then forget them a few days later.  Last year I didn’t make any except for saying “no” a little more often to things that I really, really don’t want to do.  So far it’s been a moderate success.  Although I do note that I have WAY less friends than I used to.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the “no” thing?  Does it?

This year I’ve decided to break up with a few  some  lots of things around my house.  And in my personal life but that’s for another kind of blog.   A few months ago, I almost broke up with this house but we’ve decided to work through our differences.  We’ve had some therapy (mostly involving paint and new floor plans) and we’re doing ok.  For now.  But we still need to make some changes.  So house, consider yourself warned.  These are the things we need to work on to save our relationship in 2013. 

I’m Breaking Up With….

1. This ceiling fan! 

I hate you.  Go away. 

I also hate all the clutter but that’s really not house’s fault.  I would like some track lighting but it’s under negotiation with the rest of the budget.

2.  The open space in the kitchen

In theory, it’s a great space, but in reality it’s a place for toddlers and dogs and their toys to congregate so I fall over them while cooking. Every single day. At least 10 times.  I need an island.

Why is there ALWAYS a basket of laundry on the counter???

Because these fellows will be out of highchairs sooner or later and I love the idea of a breakfast bar.

And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at that table again. 

Ewwww.  Thanks to the high chairs, I’m also down to two chairs for this set.  Two ugly chairs.  (And yes, that’s a dog coat hanging from one of the ugly chairs.)  This year I’m going to find/salvage/rescue a wood table that can be refinished and works better with this space.   I’m thinking of something like this little beauty that I saw on French Accent.

I know.  Way too fancy for my space but still….I love the look of white paint with a walnut surface.  Here’s hoping I can find something affordable and the time to pull it off.  

3.  The “master bedroom”

You might recall that I moved downstairs after giving up the real master to Bubba.  This room is so oddly shaped and awkward.  I don’t really know what to do with this space and the amount and size of the furniture that I have.  At the very least, we need something less drab on the walls.  I’m thinking something light and airy given that there’s just two tiny windows down here that don’t let in any light.  I would love some new bedding too but let’s not get crazy. 

Yup, that’s a bath mat.  I know.  But it’s pretty darn cold down there in the mornings. Add stylish area rug to the list.

4.  Ugly stairway to  the basement

It was painted brown when I moved in and I re-painted it white.  Twice.  Unfortunately it chips and shows every bit of dirt.  I need to figure this out!  I’m also terrified the boys will fall down it but can’t afford to carpet the steps.  Hmmm….

I hate that this what you see from the side door entrance.  I just don’t know what to do about it. 

5.  The Front Porch

Nothing wrong with it except that the paint is peeling and it needs a little updating.  I’m not a huge fan of the door either. 

Come spring, that porch is getting a face lift.  I can’t afford a new door but I sure as heck can afford paint.  I think some shutters would look great too, but that’s way over budget this year.  I also need to do something about the house numbers because you can’t see them at all from the street after dark.

And most importantly….

6.  My living room!

This poor room has been held hostage by baby toys and sippy cups but all that is coming to an end.  Here, I’m only breaking up with the clutter and toys.  Living room and I are so getting back together.  No more mystery stains on the sofa, no more cookie crumbs in the area rug, and no more ugly toy shelves and baby equipment everywhere.  We’re having quality adult time only in the future.

Which leads me to….

7.  Useless space at the bottom of the stairs….(that collects clutter and junk)


Got rid of the treadmill but had to store the futon here that used to be in the spare room.

I’ve cleared the clutter and it looks reasonably decent.  But decent doesn’t cut it anymore.  Not with two little babies who’s collection of toys seems to multiply on a daily basis.  Waste of space is going to shape up and and become a play room.  Maybe even something like this from Apartment Therapy

Sigh.  At the very least, this useless area is getting a new coat of paint, some shelves and the boys will be hanging out down here in the near future.  Because there is a comfy, cozy rec room in the same space.  It just needs some finishing touches.

Ok.  Those are the house resolutions for 2013.  I might be overly ambitious given that I have to go back to a full time, very demanding job at the beginning of March.  But that’s my to do list for the year. 

And on a more minor level….

I’m going to finish up Bub’s nursery, the rec room, and my craft room.  All things that I started in 2012 and are just needing some final touches.  Can’t wait to share them with y’all in the next few weeks.  Hmmm….maybe months?

Linking up my resolutions to these parties.  And to Shabby Creek Cottage and Savvy Southern Style

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  1. This post actually made me laugh. I love that you are breaking up with parts of your house. We had the stepkids move in this year and lost our guest room and my office / craft room. I'd like to break up with the piles of school work and marking that now lives in my master bedroom!

  2. I love this post…I need to go through my house and break up with a few things! 🙂 Lucky for me we are moving into corporate housing for the next 3 years…someone else gets to furnish it for me and I get to break up with all of our stuff and get new stuff when we move back into our own house!

  3. Jenna this post is hilarious. Now you have the wheels turning in my head. Although…..I might have to break up with EVERYTHING in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. LOL – I used to have a stairway that I didn't like! I called mine "the laundry chute" – I put a post on my blog about the stair re-do – – if you want any advice from me when you tackle your own stairs just let me know! Found this post (and the one about your wonderful table) at Alderberry Hill.

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