Feature Wall….(Project Fail!!)

I spend a lot of time looking at everyone’s projects, tutorials, and diy’s and I love seeing all the wonderful ideas and creativity out there.  But I also appreciate a good project fail story as well and hope you do, too.  I thought I’d include this story because so much of blogland is about what we’ve done well.  Sometimes we just need to see things that don’t work.  For lessons learned or to simply make us feel better about our own boo-boos.  So here’s my latest flop….

Bubba’s Feature Wall— Epic Fail!

As you might recall, Bubba is an unexpected gift who arrived with about a week’s notice.  He stayed briefly in the foyer ( I know. But it sounds worse than it was.) before I gave up my master bedroom and moved my room downstairs.  You can see the full post about reclaiming my foyer here.
It’s taken some time but the nursery is almost done.  Here’s a picture of the bedding.


“Transportation” by Dwell Studios

Except for the darn “feature” wall.  So frustrating.  The entire room was painted in this beautiful color from Benjamin Moore, “Sea Haze” and it goes so well with Bubba’s bedding.

Benjamin Moore “Sea Haze”

This is the master bedroom so the room is fairly large and I wanted something interesting on the “crib wall”, however, I just can’t seem to get it right.  I had originally decided on stripes in co-ordinating colors and spent a full day taping off the walls and painting the stripes.


I heard stripes were hard to do but with a level and a lot of patience, they turned out really well.

Sometimes projects are a total fail. Like this striped feature wall in the nursery. Click through to read the whole crazy story.

Except….. I hated them.  Maybe it was that the orange was wrong (because it is really, really the wrong shade) or maybe it was because I felt like I was looking at a barcode but I just couldn’t get into it.  I’ve seen this effect on other people’s walls and loved it so I really have no idea why I couldn’t stand it.  I thought it could be fixed by using a darker orange but when I learned that I needed a specific primer and then the orange I scrapped the whole thing.  I mean, one extra paint can and another coat is one thing but adding a tinted primer and then the new color was more time and money then I wanted to spend.  So I re-painted the wall (after sanding the edge of the stripes! Lesson learned.) with a coat of primer and then the main room color.

Repainted in “Sea Haze”

Then I thought I’d jump on the Chevron train.  I seriously love Chevron and I had already ordered a stencil from Etsy that I was thinking of using in my craft room.  I don’t know what I was expecting but this was a HUGE pain the rear.  It looked so easy when I saw everyone else doing it. This little section of wall took four hours!

Four hours! For this little piece of wall!

Four. Hours.  Bubba only goes to a babysitter once a week.  At this rate, he’d be in college before I could finish up.  And to make it worse, it was messy to do, and would need hours of touch ups and a second coat.

So I’m back to the drawing board….repainting the nursery wall, yet again, in “Sea Haze” and waiting for inspiration to strike about decorating the crib wall.  I’m thinking some simple art work and his name, just like I did for Charming’s room.  But as for the special effects….I’m officially over the feature wall thing.  At least on this scale. For now.Ummmm…no.  So not happening.  I had no idea stencils would be so hard!  And messy!  Or what I was doing wrong! Four hours and I just wanted to cry.  Done.


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  1. Oh, Jenna, what a shame! So much work! Yeah, artwork is easier to remove! Bless your heart! I'm a grandma, too, and really can identify with you raising another one! Dona

  2. Wow. So much work on both those projects. Love the room and the wall color. What about getting some decals that you can stick on? That way as the baby grows you can change the wall easily.

  3. I'm sorry so things didn't go as planned. You put so much work into painting the stripes and stencil. I'm sure once you finish the wall it will be gorgeous.

  4. I love when ppl share their epic fails…makes me feel like part of the club! lol The decals idea is a good one. We did that with our kids and four homes later we still have the majority of them in my son's room. Its nice that they are reusable and can easily be moved if you rearrange furniture. Best of luck on whatever option you go with!

  5. omg, that stinks!! I want to do a wall like this too, in our guest bathroom, but maybe you talked me out of it! I do, however, LOVE that color of paint! Totally pinning for future reference!

  6. Maybe use chevron fabric applied as wall paper?? Although that wouldn't be very durable for baby…did you use a stencil brush? Well, too late for that. I did see a cute idea with color blocks, sort of offset, or do like we often do for visual interest….put up chair rail (you can use actual chair rail moulding, or just a bead board) and paint one color on top and another on the bottom. Good luck!

  7. I looove these "statement walls", but I just have a feeling deep inside that it would be a disaster if I tried them out myself. I loved your stripe attempt though!! Thanks for sharing as a reminder things don't ALWAYS go so perfectly like it seems 🙂

  8. I think the stripe wall looks great from the picture the color is good.(we can be our worst critic) I don't think the chevron stencil was a fail~ I would pull it back out and try this~ start at the corner top – this will help keep things lined up -use your spray tack on back of stencil- make sure it is pushed down good-use a clear glaze first this will help keep lines crisp- pull brush to middle of stencil with very little paint on brush with the Gray back color your May have to do 3 coats I wouldn't pull off stencil wait for a good cover then move to next spot. I f using oil base paint may take extra time to dry. Good Luck– Carrie

  9. I just painted chevron on a table and here's the trick!! Yes, it can be a headache. But, if you take the time to draw a graph on your surface first in pencil it is much easier. Paint your first color, then draw vertical and horiz lines. Then once the lines are drawn you draw diaginal lines to make the chevron. Then tape it off and paint your second color! I'm putting a diy up on my blog in a little while. GOod luck hun!

    The House of Shoes

  10. Bummer. I hate it when what's in my mind won't translate to the project. I have a chevron wall that I taped out with frog tape and got a real clean edge. It's a lot of prep (and math involved) but after that it went quickly. Third time will be a charm! Good luck!

  11. Thanks for sharing this! It does make me feel better 🙂 I was thinking about writing a bloopers post for all of the project fails I had last year. I do like the stripes too! I'm not crazy about orange and I thought they looked great 😀

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