Master Bathroom Reveal

I am so excited to be able to share this project with y’all.   I’ve been working on making the spare bathroom in the basement into a master bath since I moved my room down there last fall.  The bathroom had some good bones but it hadn’t been finished and wasn’t my style at all.  There were holes in the ceiling above the sink where the lights should have been installed but hadn’t been.  This made it really dark over the vanity and impossible to put on make up.  And the lighting around the tub turned out to be a fire hazard.  Thanks to my brother, Mark, for pointing that out last summer when he saw the house for the first time.  Other than that it was simply a matter of cosmetic differences.  I don’t like green (or warm colors at all, actually) and storage, or lack there of, was a big issue.

 It’s been a huge project and it’s finally done.  Here are some before shots….Or course, I didn’t think of taking pictures until I had already started renovating.  Actually, I wasn’t even blogging when I started ripping in to this room.

Before….green (with test colors on the wall)

That’s the mirror that was over the vanity….it weighed a ton! And the lights are a fire hazard!

The first thing I did was tackle the issue of storage.  I found three cabinets on Kijiji (Ontario’s version of Craigslist) that I transformed with home made chalk paint.  I have the recipe and process for that project posted here.  I only needed one cabinet in the bathroom and this is the end result.

Love. Love. Love it!

Then I flipped a three cube storage unit on it’s side, covered it with the same gift wrap, (and wrote about it here) to make a neat little storage unit for towels at the end of the tub.

While I was in the middle of painting the bathroom and changing out the light fixtures, my friend, Pam wanted to know if I wanted the little dresser and chair that had been in her little girl’s room.  Ummmm….YES!  Pam had already painted it white but had used a polyurethane which had turned yellow over time. 

I already had a can of Annie Sloan’s Pure White on hand so it just needed a quick coat and some clear wax to bring it back to life.  It’s now a great place to do my make up in the morning.  Or it will be when I go back to work and start wearing make up again.

The mirror was so heavy that when I removed the hangers from the wall, half the wall seemed to come out with it!  Ugh!  Patched it myself, though.

Love this stuff….goes on pink and dries white.  Good for impatient gals like me who are prone to “premature sanding”.

My handyman, Tom, brought over a light fixture that had been left behind in a townhouse unit.  He even brought some bulbs!

Free lighting!  Thanks, Tom!

Tom does maintenance for a major rental property in the city, and collects stuff that’s left behind when people move out. I used to live there when I first moved up here which is how we met.  I love Tom!  There isn’t anything he can’t do or fix and he doesn’t charge much at all (although I think he might be giving me a pity price because of the grandbaby thing.  Every time he’s here he just shakes his head and says “I can’t believe you’re doing this”….bless his heart!).  Any hoo…he swapped out the hanging lights over the tub for the pot lights and installed this little lovely over the vanity.  He also filled all the holes in the ceiling and hung all my shelves.  The cost….free!!! Love Tom!   Charming loves Tom, too, and follows him around imitating him.  Has a little case of hero worship, I think.  Too cute.

The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s “Smoke”, which is one of my favorite colors.  Cool, calm, with a gray undertone.  Love. 

A few more pictures of my favorite place to relax….

Some little doodads I picked up at HomeSense.

I’m using the milk glass vase as a toothbrush holder….I love milk glass.

And the before and after.

I am just loving this bathroom now.  It’s huge, it’s relaxing, and it’s all mine.  Which means I can leave my lotions and potions out without worrying about little grabby hands.  At least for now.  Once the playroom moves down here the boys will be using the bathroom too, at least during the day.  But right now, it’s my little oasis.  What do you think?

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  1. Wow the bathroom looks amazing. I am currently looking for inspiration for a little bathroom make over of my own (I can't do to much because I rent). I love the idea of the bookshelf for towel storage. I will be doing this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Beautiful. I can totally relate to things taking time, and yet it all came together amazingly! The previous owners turned a bedroom into a bathroom, so I can totally relate to having a dance party in your bathroom. Never seems to fail though I head in there and all the kids and dog follow. Hopefully you can enjoy it BY YOURSELF some time. Looks like it could be a mommy retreat!

  3. That's really awesome! I couldn't ask for more than a very spacious bathroom at home! You'll have all the comfort in the world to do your stuff. That's a really good thing because if you would have a bathroom with very little space, you'd feel trapped inside it and will have a hard time with your routines.

    Leeanne Dyson

  4. You have a spacious bathroom, and you made good use of that space pretty well. I totally love the new design. It’s stylish and classy! I particularly like the little dresser and chair; it’s a beautiful addition to the room. Kudos to this wonderful remodeling project, Jenna!
    ***Lida Swisher

  5. Great job – it looks so stylish. I adore your taps!

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive. We're focused on bathroom makeovers, organisation and cleaning this week but you can also link up your fab old posts on all sorts of other topics from spring cleaning and green cleaning to housework routines and laundry, Alice@ Mums Make Lists x

  6. Are the shelves over the toilet from Ikea, and if so, do you find them strong enough? I bought that style about 12 years ago and the bracket was really sturdy. Last year I bought a white one similar to yours for my kitchen and the bracket is so flimsy I can't put anything substantial on the shelf. I want the look you have but a strong shelf. Your bathroom looks great BTW!

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