Confessions of a Furniture-aholic

My name is Jenna and I’m addicted to ugly, used furniture.

Are y’all wondering about the relative silence coming from Southern Ontario lately?  And for those of you that have been by the house…. are you wondering why I’m posting stuff that I’ve had finished for ages?  You know you read my posts and think “But she did that in November”.

There was, of course, the BCS Championship Game….that took over an entire night and all I have to say is ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Love these boys!

But as for the real reason I don’t seem to get anything done…..Well I have three words for y’all…50 % OFF. At the Thrift Store! (Ok, so that’s seven.)

Yup, there was a big 50 percent off everything sale at Bible’s For Missions two weeks ago and I got some great deals on some used furniture.  This sale happens the first Monday of every month and I have never gone for some very good reasons.  First, I don’t do lines outside in January in Canada.  Come on….is there anything worth that kind of pain?  Second, it starts at 9 am and I’m told you need to be first in line to get what you came for.  So for those of you that aren’t familiar with my life….I have 2 (TWO!) babies….Exhibit A is 17 months (Translation…”No!” “Mine!”….not the most cooperative phase) and Exhibit B is 5 months old. (Translation….drug testing at birth showed alcohol in his system and he is totally overstimulated by….well….everything.)  So we don’t go out much.



However!!!  Yes. That is a complete sentence.  This fine Monday both boys were off to daycare for the day at 8:30 am so I bundled up and headed on over.  I have to confess I watched the line up from the safety of my truck for a good twenty minutes.  Seriously, y’all it was COLD.  But at 8:59 am I got myself into that line.

Now I must be a good customer because the staff person I had chatted with last week recognized me.  (I’m either super proud or super embarrassed).  Thank goodness….apparently you need an in and Peggy was mine.  At this point you just run around with her and she tapes your name on things you’re going to buy.  Along with a hundred other people frantically trying to do the same thing.  It’s like the Black Friday version of a Thrift Store.

This is where I start to wonder what happened to me.  I came for a dresser and a buffet.  Well within 10 seconds someone had grabbed the buffet so I panicked.  I started following Peggy (who remembered what I was there for.  Good….because by now I sure as heck didn’t).  She slapped my name on a dresser.  Yay!  But when I saw the buffet that was going to be my kitchen island sold to someone else I think I went crazy.  I started sticking my name everywhere.  I wound up with 2 ginormous dressers, 2 end tables and a bench.  I only wanted the dresser.  And, have I mentioned that they deliver?  Like I needed the encouragement.

By the time I got home with my thrift store buzz subsiding, the fellows arrived with all my furniture.  I was super excited.  And super confused.  Because when the fine fellows asked where I wanted the pieces, I had no idea.  Because aside from the dresser that I came for (for storage in the rec room) I am now the proud owner of 2 dressers, 2 end tables, and a bench that needs recovering.  I’ve never recovered anything.  Ever.  I also don’t need the end tables or bench.  Or even the second dresser.

My name is Jenna and I’m addicted to old/ugly/used furniture.  This is probably where I should confess that I’m picking up a desk and a sofa table tonight?  I’m out of control.  Moving on….


What I came for…$50!
What I didn’t come for…$12.50
Also didn’t plan for…$5.

I already had a TV stand and had no intention of buying a new one.  I actually don’t like this stand and never have.  Nothing particularly wrong with it but it just felt wrong.  Know what I mean?  And because I watch a bit a lot of TV, it bugged me most of the time….just not sure why.


So I had no clear plan for this impulse purchase and shoved it up along the same wall.  But then I realized that this would make a beautiful TV stand that actually fit the scale of the room.  It was the scale that was wrong!!!


Completely didn’t plan for but loving it!…$40

I’ve spent the last week painting and waxing and buffing and this fellow will be ready for the big reveal later this week.  Stay tuned for the after photos.

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  1. Oh my!!! I have never known anyone who had the same addiction as me! I have a garage full of really ugly furniture that I know can be beautiful some day. The thing is that we can't park in our garage anymore and my hubby is not too pleased. He says he is going to get rid of it bit I can't seem to let go. Do you think maybe I could be a hoarder? Oh well, it's comforting to know that I am not alone.

  2. Wow I could of been the above poster lol. I understand your addiction, wish we had one of those thrift stores in my area!

  3. I too am addicted to ugly thrift store furniture, and let's skip rehab and go thrifting! Here is what I tell myself. I will just buy this one until the perfect one comes along, oh wait I think this will work, this is the best one yet. Store all others in garage and then have your husband discuss a Hoarders intervention or divorce!

  4. Yup! There are other addicts out there. We could have our own support group. Except we would encourage each other to paint more, because it's a good thing, as Martha would say.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and my Facebook page, Jenna, have a lovely dayl


  5. You are funny! lol Can't wait to see the reveal. 🙂 And $40? What a bargain! The only thrift store near me (which is Goodwill actually) never has anything good. Boo. lol XO

  6. I love the way you write your story! Thanks for such a fun post. I too am a thrift store addict. But I also make money on some of my thrifts by selling on ebay. My furniture pieces have been small due to lack of space and time. I am a new follower!

  7. Okay, can you stick those cable boxes or modems or whatever on earth they are inside the drawers of that dresser somehow or other? Seriously, awesome scores from your thrift sale adventure! LOVE those end tables and the second dresser will provide tons and tons of storage. I need one of those myself. Hmmm, I wonder if any thrift stores around here actually deliver — what an awesome service (especially for me, who doesn't drive and don't have any friends with vans!) Am adding you to my favorites list and am eager to see the "reveal!"

  8. Oh, my word! My husband and I owned a dresser like that long one where you have the wedding photos. It was old and ugly when we married in 1986, but I loved it. Now when I got to thrift stores, I sometimes see ones like it and get a wave of nostalgia. UFATSSA should be the name of a new group for all of us with this addiction: Ugly Furniture At Thrift Stores Shoppers Anonymous !

  9. hahah I hear you! I am ADDICTED to! Right now have 3 pieces I bought and will refinish…hubby think they are junk , but to me they are treasure, just like yours, they are gorgeous BTW!

  10. Hi,
    I've just signed up to receive your posts via email. I also am from southern Ontario (actually SW Ontario – London). I've been to the Bibles for Missions in St. Thomas and it's a great store but that was 4 years ago. One has opened now in London – not sure where it is, though.
    Now, as for that 1st Monday thing. I'm not sure whether I should say, "Thank you!" or "Darn you!" We'll see.
    Nice to meet you,

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