Look What I Found!! More Tales of Furniture Addiction.

After my post where I disclosed my addiction to ugly, used furniture (and lots of you did, too!) I swore I was going to be better behaved. (Read all about that disclosure here.) Show some restraint even.  Besides, I have lots to keep me busy and I’m going back to work in 4 (FOUR???) weeks.  How much painting and refinishing can a girl do between now and then?

But. (Isn’t there always a big “but” involved?) I was on a bit of a high from the successful transformation of one of the dressers in to a media stand.

So, you can’t hardly blame me when I found this little lovely at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store last week. Priced to sell at $55.00, which in Canada is just basically a steal.  Even used furniture is ridiculously priced here.

I know.  Hard to see her potential right now.  The top part had a piece missing from the back where there was either a mirror or some scroll detail.  Rather than trying to fix it, I yanked (more like pried, pulled, cussed and hollered) until the entire top came up.  Super Handyman Tom was here last night and he was able to slice an inch off the attached stopper and glued the top back on.  All the way to the back.  She is filthy and I’m on my second round of TSP to get her cleaned up.  So that’s project number one.

Actually, it’s project number two or three.  Because I found these 8 chairs last week as well.  Michelle, from Diamonds and Toads, who is also our local stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, let me poke through her extra furniture in her basement and sold me these chairs at $10 each!

There were 4 of each which is perfect for my new/old dining table.  Michelle even delivered the 3 that I couldn’t fit in my van.  Along with my sample pots of paint that came in.  Turns out we’re neighbors, too!

Love the detailing of these chairs and I’ve already started on the first four.

These ones definitely need some repair work.

And then there was this old gal, just lounging about on Kijiji, waiting for me to discover her. I thought I wanted a hall table but was worried I wouldn’t have space.  This table is tall and skinny and perfect for the weird space between the living room and dining area.

Love those long skinny legs.  She reminds me of a grey hound. Or a supermodel.  I can’t really relate because if I were furniture I’d be a short, solidly built, practical dresser of some sort.  Anyhoo.

Then there was the desk.  I didn’t mean to buy a desk.  Really, I didn’t.  But this was only $40.  (Now, I really do sound addicted, don’t I?)  And, I’ve been longing for a small desk in the living room to plonk my laptop on.

(Yup, I already took the seats off the chairs in preparation for painting.)

And then there were the chandeliers priced at $20 each from the Re-Store (again).  Bought both and a pretty brushed nickel one….Can’t wait to paint these darlings.

The nickel fixture has already been hung, thanks to Tom.  No painting required.  I’ll be showing that one off a little later once the cabinet is finished and the foyer no longer looks like a storage room for used furniture.

So that’s what I’m going to be up to in the next 4 (FOUR???) weeks.  And now, I really, really need to stop buying used furniture.  Or open my own shop. Or something.

Linking these fun finds and my addiction issues at these lovely parties.  

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  1. Yup. You're addicted. I recognize the signs, because I'm addicted too, lol! That will keep you busy for a good long while!

    Love the dresser and the desk, but the little table with the long legs and the chairs make me swoon! Gorgeous!

  2. Honey I am having a furniture frenzy over here over your FINDS….I see some great things happening to that furniture, and I just hit the jack pot at my habitat store here where I live,last Saturday. I just completed two end tables turned night stands, please go check them out on my blog, even found a chandelier too….cant wait to see what you do.

  3. What? You mean other people don't have four tables, three chairs, two mirrors and a footstool in their living room waiting for transformation too? Those people are weird.

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