Cake Mix Cool Whip Cookies

Cake Mix Cool Whip Cookies

Last weekend I was having a major sugar craving and decided to try out this recipe for cookies made from cake mix and cool whip. I’ve seen these cookies all over the blogosphere but, as usual, couldn’t find a recipe or link when I went looking.  I found a similar recipe on and used that one. I swear I wasn’t even going to post about these cookies.  But two things happened.  I popped a picture of the cookies on my facebook page and texted it to my friends.  Don’t know why I felt the need to brag about eating cookies at 10 a.m. but I did.  And then I got a bunch of texts and emails asking for the recipe.  The second thing is that they are so darn good, they’re worth sharing yet again.  So here you go y’all….enjoy!


Cake Mix Cool Whip Cookies

 1 box of cake mix
3 cups of cool whip (in America that equals 1 8 ounce container)
1 egg

Powdered sugar in a bowl.


Mix the cake mix, cool whip, and the egg together until thoroughly blended.

Use a spoon to drop spoonfuls into powdered sugar and roll into balls.  The batter is really sticky and this is the easiest way I found to work with the dough.

Drop the balls onto a parchment covered baking sheet and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.  I like them a little darker on the edges so I baked them a bit longer.


Excuse the blur…this was from my blackberry.  The text that started it all.


Now try to stop eating them.  Also, make sure you put them up high so the toddler stays out of the cookies while you put his brother down for a nap.  He denies said cookie eating but the evidence was clear.

Evidence of cookie snatching

Maybe the kid has his on sugar high because his decision making skills took a nose dive.
liam stuck

Yup.  He’s covered in powdered sugar and trapped in his brother’s jumper.  The benefits of being a blogger is that the camera is always close by these days.

Nicely done, no?  I’m not judging.  I had so many of these cookies that I couldn’t eat dinner.

Even the dog wanted the darn cookies.  Please excuse the lack of plate and powdered sugar all over the ottoman.

daisy wants a cookie

Happy cookie eating everyone.


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  1. What a cute dog! Is that a bichon? I have one too!

    Of course Charming is cute too. Don't you love how they lie at that age, yet there's all sorts of evidence to the contrary? Our daughter did this at two, went in the laundry room where the cat food was, came out chewing. When asked what she was eating, she replied: "It's not cat food." Lol!

    Those cookies look scrumptious. Which is why I won't make them. Cause I'll just polish them off. I know me.

    • She's actually a Lhasa. And she can no more be trusted around cookies than Charming can! Charming has been known to snack in the dog dish. I freak out then remind myself that the dog eats organic, wholesome food….surely that's not terribly bad?

  2. I just made these and they are delicious. A friend had made cookies similar to these with a meringue; she called them angel cookies. This would make a great cheat recipe for lady fingers if you crisp them a little more – maybe cooking for 15 minutes or so, while carefully watching.

  3. Adorable little boy, um yeah with evidence all over him? Kids are hilarious (not so much if you're Mom and have to listen to them cry. Your pup is pretty cute too. Looks like he's drunk, lol.
    I really didn't need to find a super delicious sounding cookie recipe as I'm trying to be good, not succeeding much but trying. Gained 5 lbs. in last few months, totally my own voracious appetite fault for loving all cookies, etc. way too much. Now how to break that habit.
    Maybe I'll have to hide all the cookie recipes for awhile, stay away from City Mkts' bakery bargain rack. And stay away from Family $ and red juju fish.
    Your cookies do look wonderful and simple to make. I'd never heard of these cookies but think I'm glad I have now. Voraciously yours, the cookie monster.

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