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Hey, hey!  How is everyone?

I’ve been back at work for two full weeks and blogging is becoming a little bit more difficult  (okay, a lot more difficult).  Part of it is that the job I do is all consuming and there’s already tons of time spent writing up reports.  Kind of makes it hard to face the computer again in the evening.  So between the return to work and the two babies I’ve been a bit absent lately.

I did have some time last weekend, however, to visit Michael’s and to break out the glue gun.

So many cute things all marked down to 40% OFF!

Hello, my old friend!

I might be overly optimistic but I wanted to welcome spring in some way although there is nothing spring like happening here right now.  As I write this, I’m watching the snow continue to fall.  And fall. And fall. And fall.    So much for the groundhog’s prediction!

This little project is a super easy, super quick idea to add some color to my Easter/spring themed foyer decor.  I love little buntings and decided to make one to hang across my foyer mirror.  And I had all of the supplies on hand which made it free and easy.

For this little spring banner I used scrapbook paper, leftover pink ribbon, and some “thickers” in matching colors that spelled out spring.

I cut the paper into little triangles and glued the paper to the pink ribbon.  Next I centered the stickers to spell out spring. Or did I?  At this point I had only managed to spell “SRING”.  Clearly needing more coffee that morning.


A quick fix and we have a little spring banner…

Now let’s hope the weather catches up to my optimism!

Linking this little banner up to my favorite parties….

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  1. LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one that make these little errors. Very cute project in the final outcome. And bravo, for trying to keep up blogging with all your other commitments. It's my first visit here via super sunday, and I'm gong to have a little look around.

    Sue xo

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