DIY Easter Wreath

As I mentioned earlier this week, I managed to get myself and the boys to Michael’s last weekend and grabbed some cute Easter things all at 40% off.  Yay!  That was the easy part.  The more difficult part was figuring out what I was going to do with them.  I knew for sure that I wanted to make a wreath of some sort for the front door so I grabbed the biggest mdf wreath base I could find.

Did I remember to take a picture of the big mdf base?  No.  I was fixated on moving quick since both boys were awake and I had no idea how many minutes I had until someone cried.  I started by hot-gluing the moss to the base until it was completely covered.

I love the look of the moss but I had no idea it would be so messy.  I had to vacuum twice after this project was complete. Three times if you count my dropping it in the foyer and moss bits flying everywhere.

Then I hot-glued hollow plastic eggs in random patterns to the moss.  I usually take apart anything that comes as a set because the supplies go further so I cut those little sparkly eggs right off their stems.  Then I glued those little cuties, some little carrot decorations, and even the ribbons to the rest of the wreath, just sort of filling in bare spots as I went.

I attached the wreath to the door with this super cute ribbon.

And we have a wreath for the front door!

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  1. OK. I have to say this. You.Are.Amazing. You work, take care of your boys (when you thought you were DONE with kids!) and still have time to create and blog. Your wreath is adorable and you ARE amazing! Dona

  2. super cute! I love the little carrots hiding in the eggs! Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays! love it! Really appreciate you stopping by my blog! I’m trying to keep in better touch with my linkers/readers… If you already follow me, please let me know I will find your blog on Bloglovin (I’m transferring my follows there)if you don’t follow in any way, would you consider following via GFC or other method?

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