Hello, Target Canada!

Target has finally come to Canada! Oh Ehmm Geee!!!!!  So excited.  I’ve been driving by the site for weeks just waiting to see when the store would finally open.  I guess I should say “stores” since we got two of them in the city twenty minutes from where I live.  Now I’m a believer in restraint so I want it to be known right now that I did not rush right over on opening day like the rest of Southern Ontario.  I waited until Wednesday and stopped by on my lunch hour.  See? Completely in control.  Okay.  They opened on Tuesday, but whatever.

And with the exception of seasonal goodies (either I couldn’t find them or they didn’t have anything in stock) and the dollar section, I was not disappointed.  I didn’t spend a lot but I got a bunch of goodies that I haven’t seen anywhere else in town and all were reasonably priced.  Yay Target!!  Just to make it clear, this is not a sponsored post.  I just really, really love Target.

Say hello to my new treasures from my very first shopping trip to Target Canada…

1.  The most delicious smelling soy candle in lemon verbena.  I love the jar and the color and pattern of the paper.  I’m loving anything yellow at the moment so this was right up my lemon scented alley.

2.  Speaking of yellow, I nabbed two boxes of lemons to fill my vases and dining table centerpiece.  I have been using real ones but I keep using them up.  Waaayyyy cheaper than anything I’ve seen elsewhere at $9.99 a box, including Walmart.

3.  I’ve been planning to make a canvas with birds on a wire forever.  For. Ever.  Not happening anytime soon so how awesome was this little find?

As much as I’m all about DIY, you don’t need to DIY everything if you know what I mean.  Not if it means waiting years to get around to starting and finishing a project.  Can’t wait to hang this in the foyer.  The colors are perfect.

4.  Loved these dish towels and I bought two sets for $5.99 each.  There’s four towels in each set.  How fresh are these colors?

I couldn’t wait to use a set to re-place my current towels that I used as a window treatment.  So pretty for spring.

And don’t they make a lovely backdrop for this darling floral doodad?

5.  Speaking of flowers in a pretty vase….

So cute and I can think of a million ways and places to use it.  Total bargain for $9.99

6.  And my favorite score?  This shelf for $24.99 that I’m planning to use as a fake, oh excuse me, faux, mantel.

I’ve been fixing to make one for the longest time.  At this price I couldn’t resist.  I’ve seen these around town, usually priced around $40.  Ouch.  Super excited to have a “mantel” to play with in the living room.

7.  And check out this darling little bunny….

I knew my Easter vignette was missing something and he’s it.  At $9.99 I think he’s a treasure.  Can’t wait to finish the display now.

7.  I also grabbed some wrapping paper (they had tons!) to line Bubs’ dresser with.  The paper was the perfect color and the one on the right even has cars on it to suit the transportation theme of the nursery.

I heard the lunch table gossip on Tuesday about Target being more expensive than Walmart.  I don’t know about that since I’m pretty familiar with both and a good comparison shopper.  And I’m not sure I actually care if diapers or toilet paper are $1.00 more at Target, if they even are.  I’m there for the selection.  Those Target buyers have got me figured out.  The price point just makes it even better.  Enough said?  Mmm, hmm.

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  1. Oooh, I've been holding off going to our Target here in Burlington, but after seeing your lovely finds, I think I'm going to make a little trip there today! Love, love, love the dish towels!!

    Have a lovely week-end.


  2. Congrats Canada! Your treasures I'm sure will assure your Canadian readers to go take a peek and fill their carts– your finds were lovely!

    Esp the lovely teatowels with spoons…..drooool!

    Craft On & dance like no one else is watching 🙂

    Visiting from Overflowing With Creativity @ It's Overflowing linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois, USA
    My Party Project This Week

  3. Oh my goodness, I too have been driving past the old Zeller's watching as they do the renovations. So lucky for you that your store has opened, and what great finds! I don't think mine is quite ready.

    Sue xo

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