Easter Vignette

Even though I’ve done a few Easter crafts and posts I was completely taken by surprise at how fast this holiday is coming.  Maybe it’s because I’m usually down South at this time of year or because I’m working again, but I’ve completely lost track of time.  In fact, I didn’t even know it was this weekend until someone told me it the office is closed on Friday.  Say what?  Didn’t I just put the Christmas stuff away?  Hmmm….guess not.  Doesn’t help that it’s still so freakin’ cold, either.  It just doesn’t feel like spring yet.

At least the foyer looks ready for the holiday.  I’ve been putting out bits and pieces and making crafts to pull it all together and this is the end result…

The mirror and the dresser are the only permanent things that actually live in the foyer.  Everything else gets changed out to suit the season.

The pictures of the bunny and carrot are cutouts from a gift bags that I glued to scrap book paper and framed with my huge collection of frames.  (Seriously.  I need to stop buying old thrift store frames.  I have tons of them.)

The white vase with the cute little flowers and the ceramic bunny are from my recent visit to the new Canadian Target.  Loooooove Target.  So glad they’re finally here.

The moss is leftover from my Easter wreath that I made a few weeks ago.

The little nests were part of the collection of goodies that I grabbed at Michael’s when their spring stuff got marked down.

I found this birdcage at HomeSense and it was filled with yummy smelling good stuff.  The whole foyer smells like lemon meringue pie right now.  Mmmm…..  I’m in love with these colors right now, too.

And I made a really easy spring banner to drape over the mirror…and we have a foyer ready for the upcoming holiday.

And now I’m looking forward to some downtime with the family this weekend so this is it for me and the blog until at least next week.  Happy Easter everyone!

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