Break Up Alert

Hey, hey everyone!  With the exception of my article about my bedroom furniture that I posted yesterday, it’s been radio silence over here for the past couple of weeks so I thought I’d send off a little update about some changes going on at Cottonwood Lane.

First, as most of you know, I went back to my (more than) full time job at the beginning of March and I’m struggling to manage all of the demands on my time.  I have, what feels like, a gazillion half started house projects waiting for my attention.  (My caseload kind of feels the same!)  The boys have adjusted well to my return to work but I feel like I hardly see them anymore so I’ve put a lot of things on hold to spend real time with my fellows.  And then the dang job itself is completely exhausting at times.  So tiring that I can barely stay awake til 9:30 most nights.

Enough with the pity party stuff…

The real reason for this article is the thought that I might have to finally accept that this house and I just aren’t getting along any longer.  The two bedroom ranch was already full with just me and Charming.  Since Bubs has come along we’re just busting out of the place.  This is where I share my gratitude that I decided to rent rather than buy this house.  I’ve been waffling back and forth for the past few years about buying vs renting and I’m really, really glad I rented.  I know buying is usually better and I had always intended to buy when I moved home to Alabama.  In fact, I’d actually gone looking a couple of years ago in Alabama believing tha I was moving home in the near future but didn’t settle on anything.  For obvious reasons (Charming and Bubs!) we’ll be staying in Canada indefinitely. Well, a few more years anyways.  And because my life has been so full of changes in the past two years, it’s nice to know that when something isn’t working you can give 60 days notice and move on.

So here’s what I’m struggling with…..First off, I’m sleeping in the basement bedroom which I really don’t love.  It makes me feel like a college kid or like I’m in some kind of basement apartment.  I’m really too old to be doing this.  The room looks a little better since I painted the furniture white but, come on, it’s still a basement.

I have half finished projects laying all over the basement and rec-room area because there’s just no room to put anything.  Which means I can’t make the playroom I’d been hoping for since the area is overflowing.

Which means my living area is still full of baby equipment and overflowing toy bins.

I re-did the “master bathroom” a few months ago (full story here) but there is no shower.  Really.  No shower!

Not sure why since the room is a giant waste of space.  You could hold ballroom dance lessons in there for crying out loud.  So I spend most of every morning running up and down the stairs going back and forth from the main bathroom to my bathroom.  Last week I stumbled up the stairs, dropped the blow dryer and everything else I was lugging and woke both the boys.  NOT. HAPPY.  There it is, the stairway to hell….

And then the waste of space that’s the bathroom encroaches on what could have been a functional laundry and storage area.  Once again…everything is just crammed in and I’m forever banging into shelves and walls.

So ridiculously small, I can’t turn around with a basket in my arms!

On top of all that the shed holds a lawnmower and not much else and there’s no garage.

[Well, well, well….I just noticed when I was editing this post that the beer case is not full of empties waiting to be recycled as I had thought, but is actually full of beer.  Real beer!  Here’s hoping that beer doesn’t expire.  I apologize for my ADHD….Now, back to our regular scheduled program.]

Since the new baby was born I have no less than 4 strollers, a double wagon, a kiddie pool and all sorts of other play equipment that remains homeless most of the time.

I’m keeping strollers on the back deck, in the hall closet and shuffling them in and out of my van.  The rest of the stuff is just lingering on the back deck which means there’s no real place to sit outside and have a clutter free view.  Here’s a spare stroller just hanging around the side of the house.  Where the garage should be.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part….There are no screens on the windows and haven’t been since we moved in. Which kind of stinks because the house is really humid/damp.  Then I found mold on the windows when I started my spring cleaning! Yikes!  The obvious solution would be to open a window to air the place out…I think you can see where I’m going with this.  And then, finally, last Sunday, the dishwasher ran all morning while I was out (Hmmmm….found the source of the humidity issue!), flooded the floor and caused the counters to swell so the drawers and dishwasher can’t open and close properly.  (I did note that the dishwasher was struggling when I moved in but it never got addressed).  That was a week ago….I still have damaged counters, no screens, and no dishwasher.  Previous to this, most of the cheap laminate was peeling from the cupboards and had to be replaced.  From the humidity, of course.  Yup, I’m so done!

So now it’s time to start seeing other houses.  I figure it’s not really cheating since we’re separating anyway.

I need storage, a real bathroom, a garage, and to sleep on the same floor as my babies.  And as much as I hate the thought of moving, I think I’ve just about had it with trying to make something work that just….well, just doesn’t.

I’ve lined up a bunch of homes to look at over the next week so stay tuned for the updates!

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  1. I'm honestly a little jealous. I had a bit of a meltdown about our house today, but for the opposite reason: it's too big. I wish I could break up with my house but we've only been here four years so it'd be foolish to sell. Happy house hunting!

  2. I think your home is so fresh and bright! I like it! I can understand the frustration though. I have the same bathroom situation actually at our house! lol Minus the stairs… that would certainly make it worse. Good luck with your search!! I am visiting you today from the Get Social Sunday link party!


  3. So sorry to hear about your problem. That can be very frustrating. We live in a single wide 16×80 mfg. home. The two extra bedrooms on other end of house are so small people have walk in closets that are much bigger.
    Maybe if I didn't keep accumulating decorative items we make we'd have more room. I have to store my seasonal clothes in our old Suburban so I can find them when needed. Along with some of the decorative items and old lamps I can't seem to part with. We have no garage or basement, no eating area at all except the living room. So I really do know how you feel. We bought what we could afford and housing here (western CO) is ridiculously expensive. I try not to think of the great house with 1 1/2 acres we had in KY with a big garage.
    I wish you much luck finding a much better home you can live in without the frustrations you've had to tolerate. That can be kinda exciting looking at houses. Happy Days Will look forward to seeing what you find.

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