House Hunting Adventures

Happy Hump Day, y’all.

So earlier this week I let it be known that I was breaking up with my house for a whole bunch of reasons. I thought I’d give a quick update and share some of the houses I’ve seen this week.

I had a chance to see this little place (and I do mean little) yesterday.

The pictures were great. And deceiving. I really wish folks would skip the stretch thing when they take pictures. I can usually tell when someone’s done this but this time… total fraud.  Doesn’t this yard look nice?  It is.  But it’s really, really small.  Not that I care about that since I hate cutting grass but, again, I just hate deception.

Also these were clearly taken a few years ago. The place was dirty, had broken doors and holes in the walls. And it smelled like dirty sneakers.  I know adolescent boys are stinky critters but, still.   Yuck.

Later I went to an open house at a home in the country… Not bad except that its also listed for sale. Not willing to take that risk, thanks very much.

Then I contacted the owner of this lovely house.  

I loved the charm of the built ins around the fireplace in the living room and the gorgeous floors.

Too bad the owner didn’t have the good manners to respond to my e-mail.  I see the home is still listed.  Good luck with that.

Here’s another nice and super small house.  Again, very deceptive.  Can’t even begin to tell you how tiny this place really was.

A small kitchen opens on to the “great room”.  I think the term “great room” was a total exaggeration.

All of those houses were back in the city that I commute to every morning and actually pretty near my daycare.  I was willing to move back to the city for the right house and location.  Not an easy option since I’m a total country girl.  But I was willing.  Just saying.

This beauty was in the little town that I already live in.  Sometimes rentals in small towns are hard to come by but this was a new build in my area and I loved it from the outside.

But the strange layout didn’t really do it for me and it was way over-priced.  Not going to lie….that one was my fault.  I switched up the numbers somehow when I was looking at the pictures.  Here’s a shot looking down from the upstairs towards the front door.

Now that you’ve seen all the bumps along the road to finding our new place, I think I might have seen something that I really love.  Right here in my town, too.  In fact, the house is literally a couple of streets over.

How awesome is this kitchen?  Apologies about the blurred pictures… I snagged them from the Kijiji posting.  I was so super excited when viewing, after days of disappointment, I actually forgot to take pictures of my own.  That white door is actually a full sized pantry.  Full size!!  Oh emm geee!

The little powder room off the front hall is pretty sweet. I’m loving this sink!  And the faucet.  And the light fixture….see where I’m going with this?

This is the dining area next to the stairway.  Love the dark wood floors and stairway.  And those groovy little windows!

I think this might be the house!  Super exciting!  Stay tuned for the updates and our final decision in the next few weeks.

Link parties I’m sharing with this week….

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  1. Such a nice house indeed! As I can see from all the photos, this house is perfect and all of the area's aesthetics are well-thought-of. Have you already moved in, Jenna? How's the house now? Buying one and moving into a new place is not only physically tiring, but also financially taxing. Just make sure to manage your savings so you wouldn't come short.

    Erick Bush @ Memphis Churchull Mortgage

  2. All your choices are beautiful in their own unique way. Though, it's hard to meet all your expectations, still, it's good that you find ones that are "almost" near your ideal house. I'm wondering if you already bought the house you showed us on the last part of this blog. If you feel at home and comfortable in it, then, go for it. I hope that by now, you are already settled in your new house.

    Calvin Mordarski @ CityBlockTeam

  3. House hunting can be a big challenge to all. There are a lot of possible houses to choose from, as well as places to search for them – from online to classified advertisement. It’s a good thing you have a keen eye for details and was able to see the genuinely good deals from the bad ones. This is one advantage of yours, and in my opinion, everyone must have this when searching for their dream house. This would ensure that they get only the good quality homes. It’s been months now, what house did you go for?


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