Gold Is The New Black



Ok, folks, I’m the first to admit that sometimes I make things up in my head because I want to believe it’s true.  Like a few weeks ago when I started my bedroom makeover and I announced gold is back. That was a bit cheeky since I have no idea what’s trending or not.  Jeez, I’m a social worker and I don’t get to see the nicest of places most days.  But I took notice of a new display at Homesense last week with all sorts of gold lovelies.



And then I thought about all the little bits of gold accessories that I’ve been wearing over the summer and thought “Maybe I’m on to something here”.  So today I’m sharing a round up of all my favorite gold accents and goodies I’ve found on Pinterest and Google.

Wow!  There are some fabulous things out there. Like these pillows from Caitlin Wilson.



Maybe I need to get me some gold and white fabric and break out the sewing machine again.

How about this gold lamp from The Yellow Door Store?  Yowza!

Or a little gold end table?  Found this one and a few others on  Now shipping to Canada, by the way.



Another cute table from The Horchow Collection.



The Horchow Collection also had a really gorgeous gold petal mirror that I lusted over for a few minutes. Suddenly the master bedroom seemed empty without it.



CB2 had these adorable bookends.  So stinkin’ cute.  I think I’m going to have to make something similar from some thrift store toys.



Love this gold screen from Dallas Shaw.



In fact, I love that whole work area.  So pretty and feminine. I really miss having my own work space. Particularly right now as the boys play at my feet, shrieking and tearing the house apart.

How about these glam accents from My Loveliesh?  Such a great pop of color.



I can’t find a source for these gorgeous drawer pulls.  Which is a darn shame cuz I’d love to use them on my dressers.  Good thing I’m overloaded with spray paint.



This DIY gold dipped bowl from Curbly is right up my alley.  Capree is way ahead of me.  She posted this two years ago with a great tutorial.



Now that I’ve seen all the glamorous gold goodies out there, I’m feeling a little more with it spray painting everything gold.

Including my lamps.



And the little picture frame.



In fact, a big pile of frames are going to be spray painted gold to use in the master bedroom.  In moderation, of course.  Because, I’m sure we all remember the excess of the eighties?  I think it’s safe to say we don’t need to see that kind of overkill again any time soon.



So how about you?  Any gold popping up in your home these days?


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  1. I LOVE your post! I do believe you ARE onto something! I especially like that lamp from the Yellow Door Store. And the book ends… I guess it's time to break out the gold spray paint and go to town! Have a great week, Julia

  2. I just bought 2 gold pillows with 3 big wooden buttons on them…not sure I'll keep them, tho.
    I do like gold…..:)
    over from Watch out Martha

  3. Yeah I've been seeing gold on other blogs also. You did a great job showing some awesome gold goodies. I've never been a gold fan but guess I'd better get with it. In summer I wear silver and gold in winter, that's it for me.
    Loved those pillows, shudder to think how much the fabric to make those was. Yeah I'll bet there's going to be a rush on gold spray paint this season and gold acrylic paint. What the heck we all need something new to yearn for. Happy week

  4. I like a mix of metals and a little gold is good! I've definitely been using more gold hardware on dressers – love the warmth. But one look that needs to stay gone is gold faucets. I don't know why, but they really freak me out!

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