DIY Painted Pumpkins


Gosh, I love Halloween!  I don’t love the scary, gory stuff but I do think nothing says Halloween like some pumpkins on the porch.  I don’t however, like carving pumpkins.  Nor do I like rotting pumpkins.  Which they do pretty quickly once they’ve been sitting out.  Last year one of my painted pumpkins rotted at least a week before Halloween.  Stinky! So at the end of the season last year, I picked up some of the half priced fake ones from Michaels (still ridiculous expensive even at half price!) and have been waiting to get my hands on them ever since.

Today, the boys were at daycare and I was still on vacation so it was time to break out the paint.  Seriously. Is there anything Annie Sloan Chalk Paint doesn’t work on?  Now, I wasn’t really planning to use the ASCP but I made a few boo boos and needed to cover them up.  These things were too darn expensive to replace.

I started with the orange one, intending to use a Sharpie to make a framed monogram on the front.  Since I can’t draw worth a lick, I started by tracing the label from last year’s decoration for the frame part.




So far, so good.  Then I drew in the monogram.  Yes, about that.  Forgot to center it.  Ugh.



That’s where the ASCP came in handy.  One coat covered that mistake up nicely.



Just to be cute, I added some dots.  Because I can do dots no problem.

This time, I cut the monogram out of the rest of the alphabet stencil and very carefully centered the damn thing. Traced and colored it in with the Sharpie and pumpkin number one was finished.



Pumpkin number two was also a bit of a fail but I decided I didn’t care that much.  I wanted a “Boo, y’all” pumpkin because I have one every year.  It’s my toast to the South, while living up North.

Again, can’t draw letters, can’t hardly draw a straight line, so I traced some scrap book letters onto the pumpkin and used the ASCP to paint inside the lines. Sort of.  Did I mention I can’t draw a straight line? That’s right.  The boo is a little tipsy.  Too darn bad, I’m keeping it.



This final pumpkin went off without a hitch.  I just used some glittery black paint in a tube and free handed a little dotted design all along the pumpkin.



I told you I could do dots!  I think this might be my favorite!



And there they all are on the front porch.




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  1. Hi, popping in from DIY home sweet home link party where I saw your pumpkins – great job!! We don’t seem to get real white pumpkins over here in England so I shall be painting our standard orange ones next week! Have a great Halloween 🙂

  2. I love this. They came out beautifully! Thank you for linking up to the Twirl and Take a Bow Party. We plan on partying every Tuesday. Hope to see you again.


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