Pirate Printables

I have a new obsession and it’s all about printables.  Lordy, I’ve been collecting them for the longest time but until recently I’ve never tried to make any.  And now I can’t seem to stop.  Last weekend I spent hours at a time at the computer, playing around on PicMonkey.  If you haven’t fiddled around with pictures in PicMonkey, you really need to give it a shot.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to try this sooner.  I mean, I’ve been making titles for the blog using regular pictures and PicMonkey.  Then all of a sudden I wondered what would happen if I just didn’t use the picture and used a blank canvas or printable papers…..Voila. Printables!

I love pirates.  In fact, being a pirate is the only career goal I list on my performance evaluation each year. Yup, I’m going far in the social work field. So last weekend I created two pirate printables.  The first one is going in my master bedroom.  Just to remind me of my goals and all.
This one will be going into Tara’s nursery.
I fiddled around some more using Tara’s fabric samples from Etsy that she ordered online.  I just uploaded them to PicMonkey and added the label and initial over top.  Easy, peasy.


I have no idea how to create a file for y’all to download.  I’m just not that sophisticated.  In fact, someone recently labelled me “Tech Dyslexic”.  (It’s ok, I wasn’t offended. I was staring blankly while being instructed about how to make some printer do something or other.)  However, if I ever learn how to share things (are they called files?), I’ll post an update. In the meantime, feel free to use the pictures and link back to me so I can see them in action.  Just click on the image and then right click to save them in your computer.  I printed mine out on cardstock so they would be good and sturdy.  Here’s Tara’s all framed up and ready to hang.

I was going to do a tutorial but I’m just kind of hit and miss with these babies. Maybe if I get better at it, I’ll do a post down the road.


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  1. SO cute!! I love that fabric also! Hubs is Retired USN so I am sort of an anchor nut!! I still haven't tried PicMonkey but I see a need in the near future! These prints are great! TFS!!

  2. Awww this is really cute! One of my girlfriends is having a baby boy, and her nursery theme is sailor themed! I am going to pass this along to her for sure! I love it, and it caught my eye at the I Heart NapTime party–I had to stop by!

    I would love it if you stopped by our Facebook page, and said "hello!"

    Your fan,
    ~Cathy Mini

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