Christmas Portrait FAIL!

I don’t like to brag or anything but nobody can take a candid or posed portrait shot of children like I can. Except maybe Walmart Studios who managed to capture them at their best at our formal Christmas portrait session in November.

The session went so badly that it became the tutorial for the new girl and the photographer called it “Working with Difficult Subjects”. If there was a lesson there, I didn’t get it. And, yes, I ordered those pictures.

From there, I marched the boys over to the park hoping to get something I could use on a Christmas card. They ran in 10 different directions at once. This is the only shot out of over a hundred that was worth photo editing. That’s right. This is after the cropping and touch ups. They look like they’re about to be hauled in for questioning somewhere.

It’s not just that I haven’t figured out to work my camera. I’ve been reading every on-line tutorial I can find and I’m getting better at pics for the blog.  I even figured out ISO stuff. But when it comes to the kids, I’m clearly an epic fail. Behold the nice blog pic….

Not too bad, right?  Now how about this?

Or this?

Why is everything so blurry? I finally got one of Bubs holding still. But he’s doing this….

Because what elderly relative doesn’t want a pic of a toddler with a sock on his head.

Last week we had the Foster Parent Association Christmas party. Ah ha! This was the photo op I’ve been waiting for. There would be a tree! Santa was coming!!! So I dressed them in their “portrait” clothes and hauled butt to the party. Gosh, there was even a sofa in front of the tree where I could sit them down….So excited. Here they are in all their glory.

Not bad except for the entire gym is in the background.  Ugh.  Could I get them to look at me? No.

How about the fancy portrait on the sofa?

At least they’re sitting right?  Too bad they can’t stop moving.

That one’s a keeper for sure.  I think it will go in the annual Christmas card. I did capture this little gem with my cell phone. Don’t be jealous of my super cooperative children. I guess this about sums it up.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to round up a couple of toddlers and get them to cooperate for pictures, I’d sure love to hear it. Because I’m going to have to resort to photo shopping their faces on other children’s bodies.  If I could afford Photo Shop that is.  Or could even manage to work it.

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  1. I have relatives like that. A noisy family that can't stop talking. So I took enough pictures that at least one of them are still and photoshopped from all the other pics until I got one of them all still. I can do this for you if you like?

  2. Been there.Two, 10 1/2 mos apart. Gave up formal photos. Kept the camera set on auto focus and always nearby. The best shots were when they were playing. and not paying any attention to me. Snap, Snap. "Hey, whatcha doing" We found the blinking auto light. Count the blinks. 1.2.3. . . (it stopped) smile! Flash. The photos got better.
    "Good smile, Yea. Here's an M& M. " We actually got the hang of it and got signed on with a modeling agency when he was 7. Go figure. There's hope. Meanwhile your shots are hilarious.

  3. I had to laugh – little boys they are in everyway. Adorable! What stories you will be able to tell your grandchildren. Totally love the first photo!

  4. Oh my gosh this is too funny. The boys are adorable, and I can only imagine what it's like chasing them around for a picture! Thanks for sharing, and would love if you came by and linked up to What'd You Do This Weekend. Have a great night 🙂

    –Ashley @

  5. So funny! What mother hasn't been there? Here's my trick for the day: get the kids to scream, then snap the picture. Sounds weird but they actually look ike they are laughing when screaming, and what kids doesn't love to scream ? Usually the kids think this is so cool that mommy is letting them scream that they start to laugh…and smile! You encourage them all the way and they are having fun. You can take a aspirin later…

    And I am not sure if your shutter speed is fast enough because the pictures are blurry. Try a faster setting if your camera allows it.

  6. Laughing! This is the cutest post! I would totally save the last picture and frame it as a reminder of this time! I don't have any tips – but I like the screaming tip! I have a five year old who never shows his teeth for pictures – maybe I will try telling him to scream… 🙂

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