Bedroom Chandelier

When we moved to this house last July, the master bedroom was poop brown. Now if you like brown, I do apologize but I am not a fan of earth tones and I’m plum sick of brown.  Before we even moved in, I had Handyman Tom re-paint it all in Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White.  But this light fixture was still there. I actually quite like the fixture but in the bedroom? That was just weird looking.

Remember back when I confessed my addiction to thrift store junking?  One of my finds were these two chandeliers for $20. So glad I hoarded kept them. Because I was able to use one for the bedroom.

On the same day that I spray painted my bedside lamps, I whipped out the coral spray paint and gave these a few coats.


And then Tom hung the chandelier and it looks fabulous!

And who doesn’t love a before and after?

Recently, I heard some designer on tv saying that chandeliers are “so over”.   Well good for her but I’m still loving them and swoon every time I flip on the light.


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  1. I love your thrift store chandelier! It's gorgeous in that coral color. I hope chandeliers are "over" then there will be more at the thrift shops for me. 🙂
    Bonnie @ Our Secondhand House

  2. I am still and will always be obsessed with chandeliers. And yours looks super cute!! Perhaps I can get my husband to go for a similar thing if I paint it a manly color. XD Camo-ndelier? Maybe?

  3. This looks amazing, As someone who loves colour I think is a definite improvement. As as for chandeliers being "over" I don't think so! Chandeliers are dead classy! If you love something then you should have it, enjoy it.

  4. Your coral chandelier is gorgeous, coral would be a great compliment to any number of other colors. I am thinking of aqua for my guest bedroom, wouldn't that shade of coral be perfect for accent? I can see it a pure white room too, it would add a perfect pop of color.

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