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I can’t believe we’ve been living in the new house for eight months and I haven’t shared the details!  Talk about a total brain malfunction on my part.  For those of you that are new here, we moved at the end of June last year from a tiny 2+1 bedroom (yup, I slept in the basement!) to an open concept 3 bedroom (with all the bedrooms on the second floor!).  So without further ado, here are the deets and house tour. I didn’t stage anything (obviously!) but have just collected these snaps over the past eight months….Please excuse the clutter but we definitely live here and I didn’t stage a thing.


When you come in the front door, there’s an open entry leading to the main floor.  The garage door is on the right and next to it is the hall closet.  I tried to leave through that closet door for the first few weeks.



To the left of the entry is a small powder room and further on is the door to the unfinished basement.


Here’s a couple of shots of the powder room.  Love the fixtures, hate the color.  We’re changing that for sure!



It looks gray but it’s really poop brown.


Looking down the hall towards the front door.  Disregard my fancy gate….I never did get around to installing it and I just slide it through whenever the boys are up and roaming.



Another shot looking towards the front door.  The house is all beige/gold.  I don’t love that part.



From the hall you come right into the living and dining area with the kitchen to the right.





That big lovely pantry door has since been painted.  Still struggling with my color choice.



Another view of the living area.  We literally moved in two days earlier in this pic….no pics on the walls or anything yet.


Looking back towards the front door from the living area.




The stairway to the second level.





First thing I did, even before we fully moved in was install the baby gate.  So far they haven’t figured out how to get around it.



We only have one bathroom on the second level..  It is kind of weirdly laid out and covered in brown (ugh!) tiles. Have I mentioned how much I dislike brown?




Can you spot the Bubble Guppies?



The master bedroom has a walk in closet! Huge improvement from my last basement bedroom that didn’t really have a closet.





I love this window but I’m going to have to figure out some kind of treatment for the top.  It’s really bright in the morning and the sun blasts in all afternoon.  Pretty but not practical.  The sun is going to fade the bedding in no time.



The Bubs’ room…Still loving the color on the walls…. Benjamin Moore’s Seahaze.





And Liam’s room….I haven’t painted or made any changes since he’ll be heading into a bed some time this year. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m even writing that!  But once he makes the transition, we’ll be re-doing his room so that he can have a big boy room to grow with him.






We also have a fully fenced and completely un-landscaped yard and a garage stuffed full of my junky furniture finds. The basement is unfinished and is holding all my paints and craft room supplies from the last house along with the laundry area.

There we go….eight months later and we’re still loving the place.  Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the next few weeks.


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  1. I was so happy when you found a house big enough for you, and even more so now that I've seen it! One sad thing I see… aren't using that beautiful table you had in your other house! I loved that! Congrats and many happy days! Dona

    • Hi Dona

      Thanks for the well wishes! That dining table is definitely still here. I wasn't giving that up without a fight. There's a picture of it in the dining room but with the shag rug underneath it doesn't jump right out at you.

  2. I don't like brown either… But the house is lovely and I'm sure with a few minor change you'll do, it'll be gorgeous. I really like the huge master bedroom… And the window! My bedding is also fading from the sun, but I think it's better than a dark bedroom!

  3. I have an arched window in our master–I found a kit at one of the home improvement giants that let me cut down an accordion-pleated shade to size–so much better than early morning sun and faded fabrics. Best $20 I ever spent. Enjoy your new home and have fun making it YOURS!

  4. What a beautiful home! I love the "Craftsman" feel to the home's exterior and the multi gable look, so homey and inviting. I love the open floor plan on the ground floor. The master bedroom looks huge! It takes quite a while to get settled into a home (hey, I'm still "settling in" after living here 23 years) but it will be worth it to go slowly and get things exactly where you want them…for now. I have a large round top window in my front room that faces east, and it gets tons of sunshine in the summer. Years ago I put up one of those lacey long scarfs (with thick rope fringe along one long edge) purchased from J.C. Penneys. It's been hanging up there ever since, except for being taken down occasionally for laundering. I used push-pins to "tack" the top edge of the scarf to the outside top of the woodwork framing the top of the semi-round window. The rest just drapes down around the frame of the windows, partially covering the lower windows. I can put the scarf up on push pins during the day to clear the sides of the bottom course of windows (3 crank-out windows across) to let in more light, but the round top stays covered thanks to the depth of the scarf. Just eye-balling it from my desk here, it looks nearly three feet from the peak of the window frame to the upper frame members of the three windows below the round top. When the sun shines through the scarf, the lace forms lovely patterns on the walls that change as the sun moves across the sky. It gives coverage on the top and blocks some of the sunlight, but not all of it. As this is a front room, and the street on which my house faces does not get a lot of traffic (so privacy is not too much of an issue), I do not have any coverings on the lower trio of windows (over which the round top sits), but they are "framed" – partially covered – on either side by the drape of the long lace scarf. The thick rope fringe along the bottom of the scarf adds an elegant touch. I've always though it looks rather European 🙂 Best buy I ever made, that lace scarf from Penneys. I live in SE Wisconsin, though, so if you live in an area where the sun is much more intense than ours is in this northern clime, lace would probably not give you enough sun blockage, unless you put a film over the upper round top.

  5. Thanks for linking up at the Lovely Ladies Linky! Congratulations on your new home! (I've been in mine almost 2 years and haven't shared it yet so as far as I'm concerned you're on top of things.) 🙂 I love your nursery. Just pinned it for future inspiration 🙂 -Emily @ My Love for Words

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