Choosing Grey Paint

We’ve been living in our new house for nine months now and the house was professionally painted before we moved in. So I swore I would learn to like warm colors and wouldn’t re-paint. Because that’s just dumb, right? I mean, I did re-do the master bedroom because brown was not ok. And I did the Bubs room so his bedding would match. But seriously, the last thing I need to be doing is painting over something that just doesn’t need it.

So anyway….I’m painting. Because I’ve tried to live with the warm wheat color in here but I can’t do it. Every time I sit down (which is most of the time when I’m home…I’m just tired, y’all), I’m fixated on how much I hate the wall color. Which is kind of a big deal since it covers both floors top to bottom. Including the two storey living room and landing. But seriously, I hate it.

If it looked this cool in real life, I’d probably leave it alone.


But in reality, it’s more like this….


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This warm gold beige was all the rage five to ten years ago but, in my humble opinion it just makes everything look so dated.  Particularly since all my furniture and accessories are in soft blues and grays. Now don’t send me hate mail if you’re loving the wheat thing.  Everyone should have what they love regardless of trends. But I’ve never felt the love of this color tone at any level.

So last weekend, after spending most of it on the couch gazing at the walls, I finally caved and picked up a bunch of sample pots from Home Depot. In Benjamin Moore colors, of course. I’ll eventually buy the paint from BM but the HD samples are half the cost, y’all.

These are the colors that I loved from the paint chips.



Oh, man, I love gray!  Actually Revere Pewter didn’t make the first cut but more about that in a minute.

Wow! Gray is a fickle color and it never looks the same on the wall in your own home as it does anywhere else. Take a look at how the samples look on the wall in full daylight and you’ll see what I mean. I started with Stonington Gray, Sidewalk Gray, and Cement Gray in that order.

Since I wasn’t sure about any of them, I went back for Coventry Gray.  Here they are all neatly labelled.


The Sidewalk Gray looks almost blue and while the Coventry Gray is a gorgeous true gray, (at least on my wall), it’s definitely going to be too dark for the entire house.  And to make things a bit more complicated the tiles in the kitchen and hall are a warm yellow beige.



The kitchen counters are…..yup, you guessed it….more warm beige.  Again, the colors look cooler and more neutral here than they really are.



So none of the grays were working. You can kind of see what I mean right here.



Now about this Revere Pewter issue of mine…..When I started picking colors I swore I would not pick Revere Pewter since it’s more on the beige side. And I really, really want gray. So. Very. Much. But the fact of the matter is, the first four grays I picked were fails. Which is why I went back for a tester pot of Revere Pewter.

Everyone who’s written about Revere Pewter talks about how it’s a great neutral, it goes with everything. I was seriously convinced it was going to be too beige. My other issues is that I like to change things up. I actually had Revere Pewter in my old condo (pre-baby boy days) and I wanted something new and different.

These pictures were taken at night but you can see what I mean.  I really did love this color when I was living here.   As an aside, that sofa was new then….it’s only four years old now and doesn’t remotely look like this any more.  Sigh



Since nothing I had chosen was working at this house, I went back for a sample pot of Revere Pewter and slapped it up next to the others.



I owe Revere Pewter an apology. I was wrong. So very wrong.  It’s definitely neutral but with a lovely gray undertone that isn’t too blue or too beige.  Exactly what I’m going for.  Who knew?

I think we have a winner.


Now, if I can just find the time and energy to paint two entire floors, that would be great.  Oh, and conquer my fear of heights.  I have no idea how to paint the two storey landing and the 12 foot walls in the living room.  But I guarantee it will not involve me on any sort of ladder or scaffolding contraption.  Painting party anyone? Tall people will be provided with free food and drink and a pony.

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  1. lol – Well written. I have used Revere Pewter in the garage and basement (looks great). But in the house, not so much. I ended up going with a different gray. In the meantime, I am still trying to figure out how to paint area in the living room. Scaffolding? lol By the way, love that pantry door color. 🙂

  2. I feel as though I could have written parts of this post. I have beige walls and, although I love beige, I don't love the green tint the paint has. It was the colour the builder used and we bought this house new with intentions of painting it when we moved in… 5 years ago. We have a wall that goes from the basement to the main floor to our crazy high vaulted ceiling and that is what has kept me from painting. Anyway, I went to the store this morning (seriously) and brought home grey and beige paint chips. Now I'm going to have to check out revere pewter. I can't wait to see your finished paint job!

  3. Oh what a timely post for me to read! My son's favorite color is blue, he wants to paint his walls BLUE…I mean like BLUE BLUE, ROYAL BLUE BLUE! I am trying to convince him to paint the wall's grey, then we can make his bedding and curtain's blue. Thank you so much….I am going to pick up some sample pots soon. I love the Revere Pewter, very pretty!

  4. You’ve got to work with what you have (fixtures and flooring) and in order to work with the golds/beige I think you are on the right track with Revere Pewter. The only other color I would suggest you look at is Edgecomb Grey. It lends itself to look good with beige tones too.

    Good luck!

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