Navy and Gold Desk Makeover

Can I just talk about my love of navy for a minute? Like serious love and it’s taking over my life. In a good way. After wearing navy with various accents all summer long, I went on a navy bender around the house. It’s everywhere….so when I found this mid-century modern desk last spring at a garage sale for $10 (I know!!!! $10!!!), I new immediately what I was going to do to her. This isn’t the actual desk but it’s similar….I was so excited, I forgot to snap before pics.
It’s the darling little feet on these pieces that always make me smile.
One coat of primer and minimal sanding was all I was good for that day…I wasn’t really worried about durability since I do most of my work on my laptop on the sofa. Just keeping it real. Here are the drawers after a little roughing up.


And the whole desk with one coat of primer.



I bought a tester from Sherwin Williams in my new favorite color (Naval) a few weeks earlier to use on the pantry door since I never really took to the previous color. At 40% off, you get this giant tub of paint for $6. I know it says not to use this as anything other than a tester on the label but this is my second major project with this paint, and it’s held up beautifully.


I was hoping to do two coats but I actually wound up doing three just to make sure the paint was even because it’s such a deep color. Here she is after just one coat.
And the adorable little legs? I went full throttle with the gold pray paint on those babies since I’ve been dying to gold dip something forever. Ummm….except I had some dripping and coverage issues with the paint since the legs kept rolling around.


Serious dripping going on here and I was getting frustrated.


I looked around the garage and found this box of wine in the recycling box. Yes. I drink wine from a box. Don’t judge me. You would too, if you lived here.
Sanded the legs and drove the screws into the cardboard to stand them up…..problem solved.
I felt pretty clever that day.
Here she is in all her navy gorgeousness…..LOVE.
Indulge me while I whine about my sucky camera and picture taking skills. Or maybe the editing….I dunno….First World Problem and I’m working on it. Back to the desk….



 So much navy and gold love. Stay tuned because I’m really on a navy bender and I have lots more navy finds and projects to share.

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  1. I had to come by and check out how your desk turned out (from MMSFFF), because I'm working on a navy mid-century coffee table right now that I planned to finish with gold dipped legs! I loved your post, and thanks for keeping it real! We go through plenty of boxed wine in our house! 🙂

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