Antique Car in a Jar


After the sudden passing of his father last year, my friend’s partner, Chris, was cleaning out his family home when he came across his old matchbox cars.  How cool are these vintage cars? Some of them are over 50 years old!


I was really touched when Chris brought them over to give to the boys but also concerned about lead paint. So I knew that I’d be using them in the boys rooms in the future and as part of some kind of decoration.  But then I got to thinking about how I could up-cycle a couple of these as a Christmas gift for Chris and when I came across this car in a jar idea at It All Started With Paint I knew I wanted to make something like this for him.


How stinkin’ cute is that?
So I gathered up the cars, some bottle brush trees and fake snow from Michael’s, and some twine from the craft room.
I had to cut the tree to fit on the car with some wire cutters and then hot glued it to the roof of the car before tying it with the twine.
When that was all dry I just hot glued the car to the bottom of the jar.  The most difficult part was finding a jar that was clear and had no detail that would make the car appear blurry. In the end, I wound up using a corn relish jar that I had saved.
Then I spray painted the lid white, added Chris’ initial on the top and glued some twine and bobbly things to the lid.


He was so touched when he opened this up on Christmas day and it’s something they can put up on the mantel year after year.  So much cuteness and sentiment in one little jar. : )

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  1. Brilliant! I love anything vintage… And if I can make it myself, all the better. I saved all my son’s cars from when he was a little kid (he is now 18). It would be so neat to make him one of these for his tree. Thanks for the AMAZING idea!

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