DIY Christmas Garland

I actually made this garland last Christmas but the season ended before I could get around to posting. It looked so gorgeous on the front porch last year but since I’m switching things up to a red and white porch this year, I’ve hung this little beauty on the stairway instead.

The whole thing started when I saw some silver mesh ribbon at 60% off at Michael’s last year and I kind of couldn’t resist. I’ve been fiddling with the idea of a garland for the front door up to that point but hadn’t been getting very far. I brought the ribbon home and got to work.

For this project I used some gold and silver Christmas balls, along with some glittery branches I had on hand. I already had the garland hiding away in the basement from Christmas’ pasts as well. You also need a wire cutter, florist wire, and scissors. (Affiliate links have been added for your convenience.)

Also a cup and half of patience and something good to watch on television.



I might have been delusional because that happens to me on occasion.  But I seriously thought this project would take no time at all.  Ummm….wrong.  Which is why you don’t see the word “easy” in the title of this post.  I like easy. Because of my lack of experience, this was not easy. Once I figured out what I was doing and how to work with the ribbon it became a little less painful but it did take the better part of an afternoon to pull together. Good thing the boys were at daycare and I had the day off.

It took me awhile to figure out how to wind the mesh and where to tie it off to make it look decent. When I got that under control, things got a lot easier.




Once the mesh was wrapped and secured I tackled the ornaments, attaching them with florist wire in little sections.



With the gold and silver ornaments attached, I added in some glittery gold branches here and there.



Can I just mention that the glitter that was everywhere for weeks and weeks afterwords? Very festive.



After putting the garland together, I began the fun process of attaching it around the door. That was another joy filled activity on a freezing cold December afternoon. I had to keep taking breaks because my fingers were so darn cold. But after all the work, I stepped back to admire my handiwork.

In the interest of keeping it real, I almost abandoned this project a couple of times from sheer frustration (and frostbite). Glad I hung in there because I really love how this turned out.


Stop by my Christmas at 24 Cottonwood Lane Pinterest Board for more DIY Christmas Ideas.



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