Pillow Up-Cycle with Fabric Paint


I have a super easy and fast up-cycle today to share with y’all.  This project took less than fifteen minutes from start to finish.  My kind of project.  I actually made this last year and forgot all about it until I pulled out the Christmas decorations.

I’d been wanting to try painting on fabric, and pillows in particular, for awhile now.  It’s largely due to my champagne taste on my beer budget.  Every time I see a pillow I like, it costs something insane like $85. Umm, no.  The problem here is that I’m not artistic.  I can’t even draw a straight line.  So when I saw this little pillow at the grocery store for $9, I knew it was a no-brainer. It was a bit bland as it was but not for long.



How hard could it be to paint between the lines?  Harder than I thought actually, but I finished it anyway.

I picked up some fabric medium which may have been unnecessary since it’s not going to get a lot of use and I’m not planning on washing it.  I used the aqua glitter paint I already had in my craft supplies.



I didn’t mix it as directed but just added a squirt of the fabric medium rather than the two parts paint to one part medium that was called for.  It just diluted the aqua way too much.  Interestingly, the glitter that goes in aqua paint is actually green.  Who knew?  Well, I know that now since the pillow turned out way more green because of the glitter than aqua.

But it’s still kind of fun, no?



I’m probably not keeping this one since it’s too green for my taste but I’m still kind of jazzed about the cute factor nonetheless.



And, of course, the minute I tell a child not to touch while I’m taking pictures, I get this.



I can’t believe how young Aiden is in this picture. I mean I did make this last winter and all but he looks like such a baby.  Since I couldn’t get him to leave the pillow alone, I put him to work as a prop.




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