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Now that Christmas is over, it’s back to business around here. And by business, I mean all things big boy. Potty training is an epic fail but we actually have one boy finally out of his crib and in a bed. I waited a long time to make this transition because I have good sleepers and don’t ever want to mess that up.

And can I just have a small brag about how well Liam made the transition? Aside from a little “drunk on his own freedom” thing and getting out of bed early in the morning for a week or so, he’s done really well.

This is, in part, due to Liam’s interest in his pirate bed. Now, he doesn’t have a pirate bed but that doesn’t seem to matter to him. Prior to the transition I tried to interest him in designing a new room for him.

So this was yet another lesson in how boys are different from girls. My girls loved having me re-do their rooms. They picked out everything, right down to the very last detail. Liam? Not so much. He saw a picture of a pirate bed on Pinterest and that was good enough for him.

Allow me to elaborate.  This is the picture he liked.




The bed I put together (well, Handyman Tom put it together but you know….) is a plain old single bed and box spring. We don’t even have a head board yet.

That doesn’t seem to bother Liam in the least. Because he will correct you if you talk about the “big boy bed”. Liam tells everyone who will listen that he’s got a new “pirate bed”. Alrighty then.

Aside from the bed, I’m working on pulling his room together. He’s not much help but that’s ok…He’s pretty excited about whatever I actually do.

Since Liam’s not all that interested in the design process (boy thing?) I started putting together a mood board to help me figure out where I’m going with this pirate themed room. I love mood boards. They totally help me pull together my vision for the space I’m working on. And with a themed room, a mood board helps me keep from sliding into a theme park mode where it’s easy to go over the top.

This is the board I put together for Liam, based on what I’ve found on Pinterest and around town.



The whole room was really inspired by the pirate canvas that I found in the clearance section at Target for $10.48.



Liam was so thrilled when I hung this on his wall. Despite the fact that he was with me when I bought this, he remains convinced that I painted it. “You paint this for my room, Mommy?” “I love it so (tho) much, Mommy! Thank you!” Love this kid.

I found some pirate sheets at Amazon that I’m planning to use for the fabric because I accidentally bought them for a double bed and Liam’s in a twin.  Since I’ve had trouble finding a comforter set that I like, I may turn these into a duvet cover. The pattern is so darn cute.



Truth? I’ve tried out 5 different comforters so far! Yes, 5! Taking indecisive to new levels but I can’t seem to settle on anything. Back to Homesense this week. But seriously. It’s hard to find something different for boys that isn’t plaid or action figures. Moms of boys…you know exactly what I mean 😉


1. Room Inspiration from I Heart Organizing.
2. Pirate Canvas from Target
3. Blue striped bedding- Amazon
4. Treasure Map- Amazon
5. Red striped lamp- Lamps Plus
6. Striped curtains- I can’t remember and I can’t find a source. If you recognize that photo, let me know.
7. Pirate decals- Target. I found them in the clearance bin, so I’m not sure if they still have them any longer.
8. Navy dresser will be my own find with a paint and upcycle plan.
9. Pirate sheets from Amazon
10. Paint color from Sherwin Williams- Mountain Air.- I’ve already painted and this color totally transformed the room.
11.  Room inspiration from Serena and Lily

Be sure to stop by my Boys Bedrooms Pinterest Board to see some more cute ideas for the little men in your lives.

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