How I Accidentally Painted My Bathroom and Other Painting Stories

A few weeks ago I painted Liam’s room. After much debate (in my head….he’s 3 and he doesn’t really care) I found a color that I thought would brighten up his room. Now Liam’s room and the bathroom were the only two rooms left in this house that had the original awful gold beige color that I hated so much.

Good bye monkeys!


Now before you get all judgy, the color is actually really gold/yellowish. It looks fine in the pictures and if it looked this neutral in real life I might have left it alone. But it was really more like this….



Exactly. For a gray loving gal, this was a real first world crisis. Every single day.

The color I chose for Liam’s room is called Mountain Air from Sherwin Williams. Bought on sale, it cost around $35 for the gallon. You’ll see why I’m telling you this in a minute.



It actually looked white when I applied the first coat and then darkened to a very light blue gray. I loved it. His room is so dark and this made a huge difference.

Just a sneak peak at how gorgeous this turned out…. (Excuse the blurry photos in this post but I was using my iphone.)



I finished up Liam’s room and took my supplies to the bathroom to clean up. I had some paint left, maybe a third of a can, and without even thinking about I started slapping paint on the walls. Yup, I accidentally painted the bathroom.

But in less than an hour I had a wall color that didn’t turn my stomach. And that’s why I heart paint. That’s why it’s worth it. Huge difference. So much brighter which makes me so much happier.





That, my friends, is why a can of paint can’t be beat. For $35 and some grunt work, I completely transformed two entire rooms.

When I moved into this house the entire place, top to bottom, had been freshly and professionally painted in that awful beige gold. Going against my own advice, I tried to live with it for months, telling myself I don’t hate it (Yes. I. Did) and that it was too much work and too expensive to repaint something that didn’t need painting. But every time I looked around or sat down I groaned inside. I don’t like beige and I don’t like warm colors.

One day I snapped and headed to the paint store. After many trials and samples, (9 to be exact!) I found a gray that I love and it makes me happy every single day. You can read about that craziness here.



(Remind me to talk about that lamp one of these days, too. Digression over.)

That’s why painting is so worth it. I love my house like a million times more and when I come home, I’m happy to be here. The fact that I don’t leave for days on end is a story for another day called “I Can’t People”. (Introverts unite. Separately. In our own homes.)

I’ve recently opened my design and consulting business and I’m loving it. But the biggest frustration is working with people who want to avoid painting even when they don’t like what they’re living with. I have a lovely woman I’m working with, who would rather buy new furniture than paint her walls. “What? Just…what??” (Yes, Mary, I’m talking about you!). The walls are green. She doesn’t like green. (She also kindly gave permission to share this story…I wouldn’t blab otherwise. Your design secrets are safe with me….. wink, wink.) But who wants to buy new furniture, particularly expensive big pieces when changing the wall color is so much cheaper and easier?

I get it! I get it. I really, really do.

 I have a love/hate relationship with paint.  I hate painting. I seriously loathe it. It makes my hands and wrists hurt. (I’m old.) I drop the paint brush EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Did I mention that I’m old?) I spill everywhere and I only seem to tackle a paint job when I have a fresh manicure. I used to have steady hands and could free hand paint, now it looks like Hellen Keller took a stab at it (no offense to the blind)….that equals more time taping etc. But so, so worth it.


Image source


But I love when things look the way I want them to. Usually, this means a coat or two of paint. Not my favorite way to spend an afternoon but always, ALWAYS worth it.

That goes for renters, too. You can always slap up some white paint when you move out if your landlord is that rigid picky micro-managing strict.  I’ve worked with landlords who are initially reluctant but have always recognized the huge improvement a good paint job made. Your place is your home whether you rent or own and you should love where you live. Paint is easy and so worth it. And not that expensive, either, when you get right down to it. So I get it when folks are reluctant to paint. But for the love of all things that aren’t worth fighting about….just paint already.


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