Hand Painted Lamp Shade


I’m plugging away on Liam’s pirate themed big boy room and the room is finally coming together. The comforter and bedding are a soft blue and there’s going to be a lot of blue in this room so I’ve been looking for some accents to brighten up the room. When I saw this little red fleece blanket at Walmart for $5, I knew this was the accent color I was looking for. It’s so strange for me to even write this because I don’t much like red but it really was the perfect accent color in here.

Just as an aside, Liam’s room has two windows but neither let in much light. Despite this, Liam will still get up at the first sign of light so I’ve added black out shades to his windows which make it dark in there all day long. This also makes it next to impossible to get good pictures. Consider yourself warned.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a red and white striped lamp but haven’t found a thing (that I could afford). Then in the middle of painting some Christmas ornaments, I noticed that the Martha Stewart craft paint I was using was a perfect match of that little blanket. Hmmmm.


I’ve never painted a lampshade before but I figured I could always replace it inexpensively if I messed it up too badly. This was so quick and easy, I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before.

I taped off stripes on the lamp using some frog tape and pressing down the edges to keep the red from bleeding through.


I didn’t even prime the shade….Just got to work painting on the red stripes. To keep the bleed through to a minimum, I started in the middle when the brush was full and painted toward the outside edges.



Unbelievably, this was a fifteen minute project and only needed one coat. I pulled the tape off before the paint was completely dry and plopped the shade back on the lamp. In true Liam form, he went on and on about how nice it was that I made this for him. He is so darn sweet.



Once again, excuse the dark pictures…no light in there and all that jazz.







I love me some inexpensive and easy DIY.


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