Mint (and Gold) Spray Painted Mirrors


I have had a teensy bit of a crush on mint for the last few months. The color, not the flavor. No mojitos for this gal. Yuk.

Better Homes and Gardens

To be fair, I wasn’t really convinced I could use it in my own house until recently.  Mint bathrooms and mint everything were everywhere when I was growing up and I haven’t fully recovered from the eighties. Long story short, I knew this was a color I only wanted as an accent. For now. Sometimes I’m slow to warm up. So, I kept my eye out for something minty to use in my ever-evolving master bedroom.

Then, one afternoon, while the boys were napping, I took some time to poke through my collection of frames and thrift store finds in the basement. My intentions were good, really. I was planning to “de-clutter”. That never happened. Because I came across a round, plastic mirror. This is not the mirror. Mine was uglier. There’s a good reason why I’m using this picture instead of my original mirror…..Keep reading.




I dutifully taped off my ugly plastic mirror and sprayed it with primer and went about my business the rest of the day. The next day I was about to take pictures when the toddlers dropped a heavy plastic car on the mirror while it sat on the garage floor, waiting to be painted and it shattered. True story. I cleaned up the broken mirror and threw it away. I didn’t even yell. Sometimes I surprise myself.

The hunt for a replacement began. I stalked Kijiji and the thrift stores for weeks. I admired my collection of various mint and aqua paints in anticipation of my thrifty find. There was no thrifty find, I’ll have you know, so when I found a round mirror at Homesense for $24.99, I figured enough was enough. Sold. I was tired of looking and my feet hurt that day. As per my standard MO, I have no before pic. Here she is all taped and primed and beautifully blurry.


Let the fun begin.

Now that I had the mirror, I couldn’t find a mint that worked. I originally thought Sea Glass by Martha Stewart would be perfect but it was too aqua. Prior to this moment, I had no idea there was such a thing as too aqua.

Now you might wonder why I have so many different aqua paints (ummmm, like probably 18 shades or so?) but that’s a story for another day. It involves a big reveal of the project I was working on all last summer so stay tuned.


Finally, I mixed the Sea Glass with darker green to get the mint shade I was looking for.

The perfect custom tint!

Excuse the crappy pictures. It was too cold to open the garage door that day (Winter in Canada, ugh!!) and I was using my i-phone.

I did up the sunburst mirror that was lounging the basement for the past year while I was at it since I had the primer and tape out already. I also bought that one at Homesense for $7 because it had a crack in the plastic which was so tiny that I figured I didn’t care. Once the primer was on, you couldn’t even see the crack any longer. No repair required.This one got a few coats of gold and then a spray of gold glitter. Still loving all things gold.



One coat of mint paint later….



Finished product….




I love how the coral chandelier contrasts so beautifully.



So much minty goodness in one little pop of color. 🙂



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  1. Your mirror turned out beautifully, and it looks great with the coral chandelier. I used to love mint, until we moved into a circa 1950s house with an all mint bathroom. Now I’m with you, mint is good in small doses. Perfect for an accent mirror.

  2. I love it and am super curious about that gold polka dot wall it is on–going to poke around on you blog and see if I can find out what that fabulous-ness is all about!!!

  3. Jenna, I love them both! Great finds and you did a great job finding the right paint colors for them. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as too turquoise either, lol! Love it. But you mixed the perfect mint to go with the navy and coral. And it looks fantastic with the light fixture! I am envious! LOL

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