Navy and White Up-Cycled Tray


Before I share my easy tray up-cycle, can I just show off my new coffee table/ottoman?

I know, I know. Bragging about new acquisitions isn’t lady like but how can I not share the gorgeousness of this little beauty?



A hundred years ago, I had a dark wooden coffee table that I loved. After the boys came along, I swapped out that coffee table for a brown “leather” ottoman.



It was a good thing I did, too, because these are the clumsiest kids I have ever met. Seriously. Sometimes they just fall over even when they’re standing still. We’ve been spared numerous trips to the emergency room because of this one little decision. But that brown leather was getting tired looking and didn’t work with my new gray living area.

Enter the gorgeous navy “table”. The lid lifts for storage, kids can fall on it without being injured, and it looks pretty fantastic in this space. I paid a whopping $149 for this baby which is over my comfort level but it was exactly what I wanted. So there.



Of course, any new piece of furniture needs a tray to corral the goodies on the table.

The tray that I up-cycled for the table has already been up-cycled once before at our last house and was used in the rec-room. I found it a thrift store for $4.99 and just slipped in some scrap book paper to make it work with the room.



This time the tray got a coat of white spray paint and some jazzy navy and white striped gift wrap to update it once again.



How fun is that paper?





Much adorable for minimal effort.



Up-cycling an up-cycle is like the thriftiest project ever, right?


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  1. Hi Jenna,
    I love the tray makeover! The stripes are perfect and now I will be on the hunt for one with glass so I can change out the pattern! Thank you so much for sharing this pin on the P3 party Board! We loved it and it will be featured on the blog and my social media tomorrow! So look for a little traffic from me!

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