Trailer Camping

Last summer I bought a camper trailer. Best decision EVER! Here’s how it happened.

It actually started with thinking that I need to get the boys out of the city. Ok. The suburbs. Because we live in a small town and a new subdivision. And I felt like if I had one more weekend like every weekend up until then (where all they did was wander around in the yard screaming and crying and hitting each other) I would seriously lose my mind. And child protective services would be stopping by.




Really. I did it to save lives.

Now just to clarify that this wasn’t completely random, we camped when I was a kid and I had cousins who had trailers. My parents were meanies and wouldn’t buy us a camper because they wanted us to “have more options” for vacations….blah, blah, blah. I don’t recall us doing a lot of those options but I don’t want to be judgy.

And I took my older children camping when they were younger (when I was also younger). But I’m too old for tents and such so I began the search for a trailer.

Over the next 3 days, I looked at 5 different trailers in some seriously expensive trailer parks. Did I mention I had a really small budget? Right. I always have a really small budget. That’s why I write this blog.

And then I texted Handyman Tom (who is also my friend) and told him I think I wanted to buy a trailer. That was on Tuesday. Handyman Tom actually has a trailer. In a park that I can afford. After he and his wife had us come visit them and show us around I knew I wanted to be in that park. And in true Handyman/Wheeler-Dealer fashion, he found me this beauty. Like a day later. The guy has more connections than the Atlanta airport.



My max budget was $6000 and I got this baby for $5000. Crazy!!

I bought it on the spot on Wednesday and by Saturday we had set up camp. My friends pretty much thought I’d lost my mind and made some kind of crazy impulse decision.

I’d like to tell you all about setting up a camper in a trailer park but I can’t because Tom did all of it and it was pretty much move in ready when I showed up on Friday to put stuff inside. There was some levelling and water hook ups, and propane, and sewer hook up (ewww!) and other stuff going on while I made the beds and moved in. It looked like hard work and I was beyond grateful for the help. I mostly just bought groceries, cleaned, and put things away. I’m awesome at shopping.

Apologies for the pictures but they were snapped with my iPhone while I tried to keep the boys safe and from falling off and out of things. Like backwards out of the trailer door. That actually happened.

The blurry living room is across from the entrance. Don’t worry. It’s only blurry in the picture. And if the boys wake me up really early.

The kitchen and dinette are to the left of the door when you enter. There are bunks past the dinette and a small, but full bathroom right at the back. There’s also a decent sized closet across from the bunks.


The dinette….



My bedroom is to the right of the front door and is its own separate room. (Yay!)



I don’t mean to be all Captain Obvious but did you notice the “wood”? Or that it’s brown? Really, really brown. Like every where. Who designs these things? Seriously. Why are they always brown and panelled?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a girl friendly type trailer just once? Cute would be great but I’d settle for bright and not looking like a panelled recroom from the 1970s.

You have to know where this is going right? …….You got it! I’m renovating the trailer. No one should have to camp like this. It’s inhumane.

Trailer season ended for us last October (Canadian winter… This weekend we’re opening it up and getting ready to start another camping season. Yay!!!

And, of course, I started a Pinterest Camping/Glamping Board to generate some inspiration because I don’t think my other 50 boards were really enough. Follow along and check back in regularly as we ditch the panelling and glam up our tin can cottage.


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