Trailer Renovations That Will Make You Want To Go Camping

Last week, I shared the story of how we came to buy a camper/trailer the previous summer and exactly why we did that. Mostly, it was to keep the boys from driving me completely crazy in suburbia all summer.

I had a plan for our trailer (now known to us as the Tin Can Cottage) the minute I laid eyes on her. In fact, even before buying her, I had an entire Pinterest Board devoted to Glamping and Vintage Trailers. 

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite glamper makeovers that have inspired our own reno. Actually, these trailers may have inspired my entire purchase but I don’t really want to confess that just now. I prefer to blame the children.

Feast your eyes, my lovelies……

This little Shasta rocks the vintage vibe.


Shasta Pink


Pink isn’t just for the exterior, either ; )


Tin Can Tourists


Ummm…..that toaster oven! And those mugs!…I’m dying.


The Vintage Housewife


Two pics from The Fancy Farmgirl’s trailer re-do because I couldn’t decide between the exterior or interior. Seriously. We needed to see both.


The Fancy Farmgirl



The Fancy Farmgirl


Another adorable Shasta….the interior this time. So cute!


Vintage Shasta Interior


I think this is my favorite interior EVER! I mean that chandelier is rocking my world.


Rhonna Designs-The Dazey


Shabby chic anyone?


1966 Scotsman


Seriously cute 70’s camper with a major facelift.


70s camper


Some yellow and aqua love. I couldn’t find a link for the original owner so if you recognize Fannie Mae, let me know.


Source Not Found


How cute are these plastic cups attached to that canopy?


Flutter Before You


Another aqua interior.


Aqua and Red Cuteness

And just to show that makeovers aren’t limited to trailer campers, check out this adorable pop up!


Pop up camper


I guess I’m not the only one who hated that whole wood veneer thing. Inspired to give camping a try, yet?



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  1. Hi Jenna,
    Those are awesome makeovers! I just wonder how long that chandelier is going to make it bouncing down a road! Haha, maybe I’m just too practical. I love all the ideas though. We have an OLD motorhome…maybe I could incorporate some of these ideas, but I know my hubby doesn’t like too much frou frou.

  2. I’m definitely inspired to give camping a try now! That one with the chandelier is my absolute favorite! Just looking at the interiors you would almost never know that they were campers. Such beautiful renovations!

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