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Liam’s big boy room is finally finished and he’s so happy with it. I did this room on a tight budget and we’re both pretty pleased with how it turned out. The source list for the room is at the bottom of this post.

This room wasn’t without it’s challenges since Liam is not the most focused guy and, truthfully, neither am I.

It took me forever and 6 different paint testers to decide on Sherwin Williams Mountain Air. This color really brightened up the space. In here, it translated to a nice neutral blue grey.

Then there was the bedding dilemma. I went through no less than four bedding changes before I found the one I liked. Hurray for Homesense’s return policy.



It’s a soft blue with blue and white stripes on one side and the solid blue on the other. It’s held up well to two toddlers who love to climb and jump on it day after day. And when we’re done with pirates, it will be easy to use as he grows given that it’s so neutral.

Once I settled on the bedding, the rest of the room began with this pirate ship canvas that I found at Target in the clearance section and now hangs above the bed.



These decals were in the clearance section as well and both the print and decals were priced at $10.88 each. Score.



We found the red throw blanket at Walmart for $10 which led me to paint some red stripes on his lamp to match. Liam has since broken the lamp base. He’s actually broken two! Seriously….Between the time I wrote this and the time I posted it, another lamp base bit the dust. Grrrr…We’re on the third lamp in this room. Is it just my guys or are boys really more destructive?



The pirate flag and the pirate cut outs on the wall are actually decorations for birthday parties but given how destructive these boys are, I didn’t want to make a huge investment. And, they’re pretty cute.



Across from the bed is the bookcase I bought before Liam was born. It’s followed us to three houses so far. And, yes, that’s a television. I had no where else to put when we closed the trailer down last year so he lucked out. No cable, just movies. Until trailer season, that is.







We are so lucky to have such big closets in this house!

I grabbed the pirate ship from Hobby Lobby when accessories were 50% off. Suh-weet!

The small dresser was a Kijiji/Craigslist find. I had great intentions of painting it navy (like pretty much everything else I’ve painted lately, lol) and adding a white anchor detail on the front but that clearly hasn’t happened. Yet.


Liam’s big dresser is on the other side of the bed. I bought it before he was born from a local furniture store in the clearance section. It’s held up well to two destructive toddlers who like to use the knobs as footholds.


The treasure map is also a party decoration. Given how quickly kids change their minds, I’m thinking this is the way to go when it comes to adding accessories to their rooms.


I added a small basket beside his bed to encourage him to stay in bed in the mornings and play quietly. It’s been there for months and he’s only just started to notice it and actually stay in bed until a reasonable hour. Like six months. Six freakin’ months of me walking him back to his room and telling him to wait until I come and get him. But I digress.



I love that I’m finally finished this room and we were able to do it on a budget. Liam loves that he has a “Pirate Bedroom” and that’s what matters the most. And bedtime. I really do love bedtime.

UPDATE- I’ve had tons of emails asking where I got the various things in Liam’s room so I created a source list. (Other update- we’re on lamp #4)

Here is a source list for all of the items in Liam’s room. If some of the pieces are no longer available, I’ve used close substitutes.

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