DIY No-Sew Curtain Panels



I feel a little foolish even posting this since there’s really no DIY involved here at all but I can’t resist talking about my drapery panels. Because they cost $15 each plus the curtain tabs to hang them. Which I already had because I’m a hoarder.

I had spent almost a year ordering fabric samples….(so many samples!) to make drapery panels for the living room window.



I loved many of these fabrics (like so many!) but I couldn’t commit. I was like Britney Spears in Vegas. For real, y’all.

Then one day I was wondering the aisles at my favorite HomeSense looking for a navy and white table cloth when I had a conversation with my imaginary boyfriend that went something like this–

Self- “Wish I could find fabric like this for a price like this to make curtain panels with”

Imaginary Boyfriend- “Do you see where you’re going with this?

Self- “Not really. But this is a great price for a table cloth. Maybe I should buy an extra one because we wreck everything.”

Imaginary Boyfriend- “Maybe you should buy two and hang them up already….You’re clever like that”



Thanks, Imaginary Boyfriend for your unconditional support.

Since I promised a DIY and all…


1. Buy table cloths (helps if they’re 84 inches or longer). I didn’t need to shorten mine at all since they hang behind the sofa.

2. Attach drapery clips.

3. Hang table cloths on curtain rods.

4. Drink wine and look smug. Or coffee if it’s before 9am. Or wine…it’s your house.







I love how the least expensive thing in my house is something that the boys can’t destroy. Mostly because they can’t reach them. These panels are behind my sofa. I doubt we’ll be so lucky in the next house.



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