Home Made Individual Pizzas- Kid Approved

Confession time!…..I’ve never made home made pizza and I’ve really never had much interest in making it either. In part, it’s because I’m lazy but it’s also because my boys are such picky eaters. Like, seriously, the pickiest. So I have always considered making home made pizza a huge time waster since I was sure the boys would refuse to eat it. Kids are fun like that.

Except Sunday happened. I failed to meal plan, thinking we’d be at the trailer. Except we weren’t because it was 45 degrees out and pouring rain. On the last day of May, it was officially too cold for me to leave the house. Yay, Canada!


I went to the freezer to grab a cheese pizza and the freezer was bare! Of pizza at least. Umm….I don’t even know how that could have happened. It’s a go to around here.

Okay….No frozen pizza but loads of ingredients in the pantry including yeast and, like, six kinds of flour. Clearly, I’d been planning to bake something at some point. After trolling Pinterest and a bunch of sites, I came across a few crust recipes that I rolled together to try my hand at. My favorite one came from Allrecipes.com. It had 1758 positive reviews. I felt pretty confident about that.

After reading some of the comments, I adapted the recipe by adding some herbs and spices, using regular flour, and letting the dough rise for a bit. I also made the dough into 4 individual pizzas.

I mixed up the yeast, water and sugar and let it sit for a few minutes and then added the spices to the olive oil.



Once the yeast was creamy looking, I added all the ingredients to the mix master and beat the dough with the paddle attachment for about a minute. Then I turned the dough out onto the counter, kneaded it for like ten seconds and plopped it back in the bowl to rise.

I don’t think the dough needs to rise and the original recipe didn’t call for it, but my experience with bread and my need to finish the laundry had me letting it sit for awhile. I think it made the crust “fluffier” if you know what I mean.


Then it was time to put everything together. The boys were thrilled to participate and they had so much fun building their own pizzas. Don’t mind Aiden….that’s his “happy” face. He makes it for every picture.

I cut up some toppings (ie vegetables) that I thought I could fool the boys into eating however, they stuck with cheese and pepperoni….little boogers.

Mine actually had some vegetables. If you know me you would find that shocking but pepperoni is a yuk for me.

Fresh from the oven….drool.

They ate every single bite….Parenting win!!

And here’s the recipe with all of my switch ups and adaptations for pinning or sharing. We are definitely making these again! 🙂

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