Glamping Update – $8 Trailer DIY Dinette Cushion Covers


Our trailer cushions were ugly. First world problem, I know. But no one should have to camp ugly. I mean in an ugly trailer…you can look however you want. I don’t judge. But I do think if you’re going to drag your family into the woods, you can at least do it in style, right?

When I bought the trailer they fit right in with the brown, brown, and more brown that was, quite simply, EVERYWHERE. Once the trailer cabinets and walls were repainted in white and a light aqua, the cushions stuck out like the fashion don’t they were.

So when I spotted Target having a 50% off sale on children’s bedding I grabbed some pink sheets as a temporary solution. I figured while I waited for inspiration to strike, I could just wrap cushions in the sheets. That actually worked fairly well since I could unwrap them and take them home for washing when they got dirty. Which was pretty much every weekend. Thanks, boys.



We closed the trailer mid-October and I took the bench cushions home, planning to have them recovered by the time we re-opened at the end of April. I plopped them in the basement and basically ignored them until I got the letter about our park fees for the year and started to pack the truck with trailer goodies.

And then I remembered I hadn’t done a damn thing about them for the last six months.

I figured I was going to have to bite the bullet, purchase some heavy duck cloth or vinyl type fabric and pay to have them recovered. But I also remembered I was supposed to be using what I have. Because I have this new lifestyle that involves being poor. #quitmydayjobwithoutabackupplan

Ok. I didn’t actually have these cheap vinyl table cloths on hand but I did find them at Walmart when we were picking up supplies for our first run up to the trailer. What? $2 for vinyl table cloths? I bought the last four on the shelf.


When I got home, I took a look at the table cloths and the cushions. The table cloths were pretty thin and the brown and blue pattern on the cushions is pretty bright. Which means that the ugly blue and brown print would show through if I tried to use the vinyl without trying to cover the old pattern.

Double ugh. Ok. Use what you have…..Well, I do have a surplus of paint and I have actually painted a fabric chair in the past. Excellent.

I grabbed an unused can of Melamine paint (don’t get hung up on what kind….it’s just what I had on hand) and started rolling it on to the cushions.

As I expected the fabric absorbed some of the paint but not as much as I thought it would.

Once the cushions were dry, I began wrapping the vinyl tablecloths around them. I hadn’t really figured this out all the way through. I initially thought I’d use velcro or safety pins to hold the vinyl down but in the end I used spray adhesive. I used painter’s tape to hold the vinyl in place while the adhesive dried.

I basically wrapped the cushions like a present.



Woot! Woot! It worked. The paint kept the originally pattern from showing through and the vinyl is easy to care for. It’s meant to be wiped down which is perfect for our family…..Our very sloppy family.


Love how fresh the dinette looks now.

Except for that ridiculous that brown velvet trim. I have no idea why the dinette is trimmed in brown velvet. Possibly to match the ridiculous brown velvet pull out sofa. So. Much. Brown. I have no idea how to cover this trim. Any ideas?

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  1. I actually like the brown velvet with the colour scheme you have happening there. It’s very 1950’s soda shoppe. Looks great.
    I’m a big fan of using what you have, too. I think it forces you to be more creative and really works your problem solving skills. . 🙂

    • This solves my problem! I bought a pet cover for the sofa that worked with the color scheme, but the dinette was the green and beige I worked to cover with some bright colors. Rather eclectic, but I wanted it different from the house. Your choice gave it a pop of color, too! Now, I’ve got to buy vinyl tablecloths. Thanks for the solution.

          • Elli, it’s held up fantastically well, even during the heat and humidity of Ontario summers. I sold the trailer last year after two seasons of the redone cushions and stayed in touch with the fellow who bought it. He eventually had them professionally recovered in grey leather (single men apparently don’t dig pink floral trailer cushions. Who knew?) but he said they were still looking good when he took them in. Hope that helps!

  2. Did these cushions have like a wood backing on them? My cushions have no wood. They are just a squishy cushion. I am wondering if I did this, when someone sat on them, would it pull the cover and make it come off in the back.

    • My cushions don’t have any wood either…all squishy. They’ve held up well to all the sitting and moving around so far. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Nancie

      I made these over last spring at the start of the camping season and they held up all summer and are still in great shape. Which is pretty amazing if you consider that my boys don’t actually ever sit still even when they’re supposed to be eating. We;re really hard on things and these are going strong.

  3. I am trying this idea on my 1969 camper i am ‘glamping up’. When i sat on the cushions, they ‘poofed’ out the ends. Did yours do this?

    • Hey! I love this idea. I’m about to do mine but I want to know how you got them to stick closed? I have fabric and spray adhesive on hand. Did you use anything else? I read “tape” like duct tape? Any tips are super appreciated. I can upholster(staples) but I don’t have my sewing machine and my squishy cushions and pinchy staples would be a bad mix.

      • Hi Nelly

        I used a spray adhesive all over the cushion and then double sided carpet tape eventually held it all down. You couldn’t see it at all. Hope the project works out!

  4. My trailer has ugly blue & maroon cushions & trim! I’m trying to figure out how to remove the trim to cover them in some solid color so I can change the cushions & color scheme of Trailer which is a process! Valance, couch, flooring!! Have you tried anything yet on your trim?

    • I like the brown trim but would have taken my glue gun and added some decorative ribbon of some sort. I’m thinking like a decorative rope type brocade.

  5. I saw on Pinterest that someone painted a velvet headboard with ASCP. She watered it down quite a bit. It took about 4 coats because it was originally lime green and she wanted white. And sanded it down to soften to nap again. Looked terrific! I found you because I am redoing my camper cousuons and I don’t sew.

  6. If you remove the little buttons on the trim (they are actually a really big snap so they just pop off) it reveals a screw. If you unscrew the screw the trim comes off & can be wrapped with fabric using a staple gun. Then just screw back on! That’s what I did in my trailer!

  7. i second that the buttons should pop off with a screw driver and reveal a screw.
    We then put a piece of trim board on instead!

  8. I don’t have a camper, but I do have a Chili’s booth that I am needing to do something with. lol. That’s how I got here. I really want to cover that ugly vinyl (plus God knows whats on it, even after bleach) – I like your no-sew approach!

    • I’ve also seen someone make the fabric into shape of a pillowcase. So, one end was sewn closed it slid over the foam. They then also wrapped the end like a present.. secured with duck tape.. removable and washable.

  9. The vinyl table cloth is brilliant! I am currently in the process of red in our 90’s, pink, trailer… You thought brown was bad? Lol. I have the same velvet trims, I am wrapping them in material, and just stapling them on. I am stapling the backside underneath so it gives it that clean look when you fold it over(much like sewing) then just pulling it tight and stapling under rather where the cushions cover anyways. Hope that helps!?

  10. on our redo, my husband took the trim around the cushions off. We had and ugly brown print. he replaced it with stained oak board cut to size. it turned out gorgeous.

  11. Ive been looking at my ugly dinette too and thanks to your idea, I’ve now got a plan. Can you use any paint to cover the old and ugly fabric?

    • My husband and I just re-did our camper a little. We completely took out the dinette seats (we didn’t need the sleeping space), and used table leg kits to make the table a free-standing table. We are currently looking for chairs–probably at a rummage sale or online auction, and I will recover the seats.

    • Hi Julie!

      We sold the trailer last year so I had to check in with the new owners….They’ve held up fine. Having said that, I figured even if they didn’t, we could just strip them off and replace them since it was so cheap to do.

      • Aw, you are so kind to reply to my message! I’m trying to surprise my husband and he’s in my business. Hoping it turns out fine! How many cans did you use per cushion? Do you remember? Thank you!!

  12. I’m redoing our camper too. I also bought sheets to cover the dinette cushions. I have double sided sewing tape that I will use this year to make them more permanent. We also have the everything brown interior. I’m using different shades of aqua, teal. I found couch covers at Walmart and used that to cover the brown flowered couch. Our chairs are brown too, so I’m using quilted furniture protectors in brunt orange for contrast I found plastic placemats with a pattern that goes well with our color scheme. Next spring I’m going to adhere them to the front of the refrigerator. I have an orange vinyl tablecloth I will use to cover the table. Hoping to take pictures and post them here on Pinterest.

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