The Truth About the Chalk Painted Chair

I’ve had a lot of questions about the chair I painted with chalk paint last year and I wanted to give a quick update.


After reading a ton of makeover articles, I thought it would be easy. It wasn’t. It took like five coats and the wax to get it to cover the brown stripes. But it sure looked pretty when it was done. You can read about the entire process here.

Most of the questions have been about how the fabric felt after being painted and how it held up. The fabric felt a bit like vinyl. It wasn’t stiff but it also wasn’t soft. Because the chair was rarely used, it didn’t matter all that much if it felt good or not. It looked pretty and that’s what mattered. At least to me.


However, it did matter to me how it held up to daily living.  And basically, it didn’t.

This happened within a couple of weeks.


I’m not saying, this has happened to every chair ever chalk painted but I wasn’t very happy with the scratching and marking that happened so quickly.

Yes, the boys are hard on things and that’s a picture of them driving each other around on the chair but I’m still not happy with the end result of that project.

Did it hold up? It did for a few weeks but then it was a big fat “NO”. Not a project fail but not my best idea either. And because I’m all about keeping it real, I wanted to answer your questions and give an honest review about what happened after the post. There you have it.

That chair has undergone yet another makeover so keep an eye out for the next update.

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