The Groovy Orange Dresser

This story starts with quitting my day job. The job quitting thing was a long and painful process and I’ll probably chat about that decision in the near future. Lots of drama lots of tears. And if you know me at all, I loathe drama.

In addition to all that job stuff, I keep hinting at some big changes coming down the pipe. Those are still under wraps because we’re waiting for some decision making from the child welfare agency that has legal guardianship of the boys. It’s only been three months since the plans were put forward but whatever. And the boys will be 3 and 4 this summer. But take your time, peeps. We’ll just be over here waiting to move on with our lives.

Now y’all probably remember that I like to paint furniture now and then and have done a few custom pieces for others.


Well, while I’ve been hanging around, waiting for answers and clearing out the house, I started listing a few things for sale. One of the things I listed was Aiden’s crib and bedding. Yes, my baby is actually in a big boy bed.

(Excuse me while I wipe my tears.)  

The bedding and crib eventually sold but people went kind of coo-coo for the dresser I painted to match his room when he was a baby. I hadn’t intended to sell it but it kind of sold right out from under him. Who knew?


Aiden's dresser 4


I probably had at least 20 people asking about that dresser. After it sold, I looked around and realized I had some other pieces that needed to be cleared out and could easily be painted for others. Because I’m a furniture hoarder and all.

So we’re back in the furniture painting business. Within a week, I had 9 orders and had to start wait listing people. At that point, I really had to stop adding to the furniture hoard because I couldn’t get to the second fridge in the garage. What?  Doesn’t everyone have a second fridge?


One of the first pieces I finished up was this 9 drawer mid-century modern beauty. Love.



I have always wanted to paint something bright orange but I’ve lacked the….ummm….guts to go and really do it. Which is why I’m loving the custom furniture thing. I actually took two (!) orders for something orange within a couple of days of each other. The clients that I’ve started working with are so much braver than I am. I’m living a little vicariously through them.

Let the painting begin. Except it began to rain. For like over a month. When it wasn’t raining, it was so ridiculously humid that the paint wouldn’t dry on anything. Ugh! I finally dragged the 9 drawers into the house to start working on them.


It was a lot of fun making dinner those couple of days (#fastfood).

Orange is funny. It’s one of those colors that seems to be kind of translucent when you start painting, if that makes since. I’ve worked with darker and lighter colors that took less coats. This dresser actually took four coats of paint. The top took five!!

Just sitting here, waiting for the last coat to dry.

How gorgeous is this color? I’m thrilled that it’s going to a little boy who is having a woodland/hunting themed room. Thanks to his brave momma for letting me paint this for him.



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