Inspired By You – Weekend Features #2

Hey peeps! We’ve had a bit of a rough week around here. Liam had a seizure yesterday afternoon which resulted in our being in emerg until 2 AM. He’s fine. I’m freaked out. And we’re now headed for an EEG and a neurology consult. On the plus side, he slept until after noon today and he’s perky and in good spirits 🙂

On to my favorite blogger projects of the week. Grab yourself a beverage and get comfy because there are some great projects to check out this week.

Since it’s been a rough week and all I immediately latched onto this  Watermelon Martini from Lisa at Cooking with Curls. Is it 5 o’clock yet? Does it matter?



Only 4 ingredients in this peach cobbler recipe from Steph at Plain Chicken. I’m planning to try this out next weekend! My peach cobbler recipe is way too complicated for me these days.



Check out this awesome furniture makeover by Bre from Brepurposed.



Mandi at Moments With Mandi made a sugar scrub that looks good enough to eat.



Bharati at Techie’s DIY Adventures already had a pretty good thing going with her blue dresser. She made it even better when she added a pop of orange to it.



Gilly at Color Saturated Live shared her project fail although for a fail, it is still pretty spectacular.


blue and white dresser
                                                                                         Color Saturated Life


Shelley from Barnacle Butt (That blog name is the bomb!) shared tips for painting for clients and this gorgeous pink desk and gold side table. Timely information since I’ve just started painting for others again!



This is one adorable painted pillow cover from Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling. Love.



I loved this post from Nan at Granny Fabulousa about the benefits of a good clean up. I couldn’t agree more.



How about some guilt free oven fried chicken from Tracie at Cleverly Inspired? I made a little drool in my mouth when I first saw those pictures.



Be sure to visit these clever gals for the full post and to pin from the original site.



What have you been up to this week?


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