The Best Lemonade – 5 Ways



Nothing says summer like lemonade. Fresh, sweet, and tangy, real lemonade is like summer in a glass. So quick and easy and totally worth the squeezing of a few lemons. No fake concentrated stuff around here.

Sometimes I care about what’s in my food. And I like being able to control the sugar. Not that I’m going to. But still.

This is seriously the best lemonade recipe I’ve tried and we’ve been using it for years now.

And just to keep things fun we like to tweak this recipe from time to time. Lemonade is flexible like that. Add some fruit…easy, peasy. Add some vodka…happy, happy.



1 cup of Sugar, 6 cups of water, and the juice of 6 lemons.

That’s all it really takes for great lemonade or a base for different variations.



Take 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water and heat in a small saucepan until the sugar dissolves. It’s not really necessary to bring the mixture to a boil like some recipes call for.


I know some people that don’t bother with the syrup making and the lemonade tastes just fine if you want to add the sugar directly to the liquid. But I’m old fashioned and I think heating it makes the sugar dissolve better.



Now go squeeze the ever loving heck out of 6 lemons. I bought a nifty new citrus juicer and it makes life a whole lot easier. Well, not life. But fruit squeezing for sure. Strain if you don’t like the pulp (That would be me.)


Add the juice, the syrup and 5 more cups of cold water to a pretty pitcher. Bam! You’ve got yourself some lemonade.



And now for something a little fun….


Add a dash of grenadine until the lemonade is a pretty shade of pink.



Nothing pink ever tastes bad. Oh. Except that one time there were pink oreos. Those were ick. But pink lemonade is yummy pinkness at its best.





I usually have blueberry syrup in the fridge for pancakes (not a maple lover!) and it’s pretty fine added to lemonade, as well. I love this one from Loblaw’s.

Chungah from Damn Delicious has a great and simple recipe to make blueberry lemonade from scratch.


Damn Delicious



Blend up a handful of berries with a quarter cup or so of water until the berries turn into mushy juice. Add to lemonade. If you like sweet (guilty), add a bit more sugar to the pitcher to counter the tartness of the berries.





Add some strawberry vodka to the lemonade over ice. Or plain vodka or vanilla vodka or cake vodka. See where I’m going here? Add it straight up or check out this frozen cocktail of a  recipe over at Live Love Pasta. Much yum. Many happy.

Aaaaand… the sound of children screaming no longer bothers me.


Live Love Pasta



  • If you make some ice cubes from the lemonade or fill the infuser of your pitcher with it, the lemonade stays cold and doesn’t get all diluted when the ice melts. Which is why I usually make a double batch.
  • Roll those lemons on the counter or pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften them. Your squeezing hand will thank you.
  • Lemons should be at room temp before squeezing. They’re easier to squeeze and give off more juice that way.
  • The louder and crankier the children, the more generous one should be with the vodka.

What’s your favorite lemonade?


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