Ikea Rast Makeover

A few weeks ago I picked up these two Ikea Rasts from Craigslist seller and brought them home. This was the picture listed by the seller. I was charmed but I should have been suspicious of the blurry photos.



They looked adorable in the pictures and I had intended to use them in my room to replace the night tables that I sent down to Alabama (long story…lol).

Except they were awful. The sweet girl that sold them told me they were the first pieces she’d ever painted and she had used gold craft paint and regular white latex. Primer? What’s that? Which is probably why they had crackled and peeled in places.



She also really loved cats. Like there were at least 4 of them in her small apartment and those were the ones that I could see. The dressers were clean but even after cleaning and sanding there was always this mysterious cat fur that kept popping up to stick to my brushes. Yuk.

The good news is a client contacted me the very next day asking if I had a pair of small dressers for a little boy’s nursery. Why yes I do! Perfect.

Because my garage was full and it was raining (for 6 weeks in a row), I took these fellows to the basement for sanding and priming.



The client who had asked about these babies requested that they be painted orange to match her orange and blue nursery. Which is pretty awesome since I have a ton of orange paint sitting here since our last orange dresser makeover.

Even with the sanding and priming they were still pretty rough in spots.

And just like our last orange piece, these took five coats to cover the primer. This is after 2 coats.



Since these dressers were for a little boy’s room, I took the crystal knobs off and saved them for a future project. I found these little brass knobs at Habitat for Humanity for 50 cents each.



I washed and dried them up and took them outside for some quick spray painting. Except it didn’t go that quickly at all. At first it was so humid that the primer wouldn’t dry. I brought them back inside and tried again a few days later. Except then it was so windy that they kept falling over or the plastic that they were sitting on kept flying up and sticking to the paint. I think it took 5 days to get these little knobs painted and dried.


So the dressers waited.



And waited. And waited some more.

Finally the knobs were dried and attached.



Orange and grey. Love.



Don’t you just love orange and grey together?

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