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Sometimes I get crazy excited about a new project and I dive right in without thinking about planning. Or consequences. Or reality.

Like last spring when an opportunity came along to move back down south and renovate a falling apart country cottage while living in it (for free). Here’s the sneak peak. Don’t be scared. We can work with it. I hope.



I jumped at the opportunity and gave notice to everyone that mattered that I was leaving the great white north. A couple weeks later, I drove down again (yes, from Ontario to Alabama) to check on Project House. Not wanting to waste a trip, I filled Bernice (our tired black van) with all sorts of “priceless” things that I wanted to put in the new house.

Where am I going with this? That was three months ago and I’ve been without end tables and wall art and my favorite knick knacks since then. And probably will be for at least another five months. I thought we’d be going in September but the agency that has legal custody of the boys hasn’t given consent for me to take them south. And we wait.

So when Minted asked I would be interested in doing a post featuring some of their art from their independent market place of artists, it was a no brainer decision for me. Because blank walls just suck. Unless you’re a minimalist. Which I’m clearly not.

Minted is a pretty sweet site. Aside from selling really gorgeous stationary and unique fabric (!!) they hold monthly design competitions where artists submit their work, the consumer votes on the designs, and the winning designs become part of the Minted collection. Seriously brilliant. Which is probably why I’m loving almost everything in their collection. Because I probably voted for it.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the pieces that caught my eye while I was browsing for something to hang on my blank and lonely walls.

Leave Behind The Shadows



Pining for Pineapple









Kaleidoscope No. 1






Twinkling Lights


This black and white photo reminds of a couple of prints I had framed in my last house. Both were of southern restaurants that reminded me of home.


Corner Bar in the Neighborhood, New Orleans


And I can’t resist anything Alabama. In gold foil? Yes, please.


Alabama Map


There’s really something for everyone at Minted and in every price range. Prices vary depending on the size of the print and whether you want it framed. They have some great framing choices as well.

Feeling inspired? That’s the cool thing about Minted. Not only did I order a print (check back in to see which one I picked) but I’m also inspired to take a brush to some canvas and get painting again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll submit something of my own one of these days.


This post was sponsored by Minted however, all opinions are my own. I never provide a positive post for a product that I don’t personally support. 


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